‘Manifest’ 1×14 recap: “Upgrade”

Manifest recap: Season 1, Episode 14, “Upgrade,” aired Feb. 4, 2019.

We are so close to the end, and I am FREAKING out. This episode was bananas. We finally got the scene of Lourdes finding out about Michaela and Jared, and it was a mess. A legit mess. Let’s dig in. Also, Team Zeke.

I am mad at Jared. Very mad.

Michaela brings Zeke back to her apartment to stay. I am loving those two — their chemistry is another level. However, Zeke is plagued by images of a wolf during the night. No idea what that could mean, but I’m assuming it’s probably not a good thing.

Meanwhile, Jared and Lourdes are trying to have an intimate moment, but Jared isn’t all that into it. I am not happy with him right now. He’s still with Lourdes and not even making moves to tell her what happened with him and Michaela. That just doesn’t sit well with me. Especially when Lourdes mentions she’s been thinking of Michaela.

Shady stuff. Very shady and just not cool, Jared.

Michaela does feel guilty about their hook-up though. See, this is why she’s the best — she makes mistakes but admits that her mistakes are wrong. It’s very human and realistic. Take notes, Jared.

She tells Jared she feels guilty, but he doesn’t seem to feel any kind of guilt. In fact, he tells Michaela that they’re meant to be together. Well, then let Lourdes know that. It’s not okay to keep stringing her along. I feel bad for Lourdes.

Callings and a hostage situation

Ben, Grace and Zeke are trying to help Cal with his calling, but Cal doesn’t want to do it anymore. Zeke is also unaware of what the image of a wolf means. No kidding — that is anyone’s guess at this point. WHAT IS IT!?

Saanvi is making a house call this episode. It does not go well, to say the least. In fact, the man’s wife holds her hostage and orders Saanvi to do what she came here for. With a gun to her, Saanvi obeys. This is getting very weird. Don’t hurt Saanvi, lady!

The crazy lady’s husband tells Saanvi to lie to his wife and say he’s been healed. Yes, he has a good idea and she totes should follow his instructions. However, she’s not too keen on lying because she’s a doctor and scientist — that’s not who she is.

Oh, and there seems to be a religion surrounding Flight 828’s return, so there’s that. Not creepy at all…(very creepy, you guys.)

This is M-E-S-S-Y

At least Michaela admits to Lourdes that she slept with Jared. Although, the fallout isn’t so good. Lourdes tells Michaela that everything she has with Lourdes, Michaela broke it all. Oh my gosh, you guys, I don’t even know. Michaela is quick to tell her that she regrets everything, but Lourdes doesn’t want to hear any of it.

I feel so bad for Lourdes, though. She knows that Jared never loved her as much as he loved Michaela. That has got to hurt. Dump his butt, girl. You can find someone else who loves you! Also, Michaela can find someone else as well. I vote for Zeke. Team Zeke!

Throw in the fact that the crazy lady is still holding Saanvi hostage, this just keeps getting messier. I am living for this drama, tbh. But, Michaela and Ben to the rescue! Ben doesn’t give a crap about waiting for the police to show up; he’s going to save his friend regardless. Yas, Ben. He knows what he’s doing.

Saving the day

Ben goes into save Saanvi by claiming that he will save the man. Brother Ben to the rescue, ayyyooo. Thankfully, Michaela is stealthy enough to remove the gun from the crazy lady, and she is promptly arrested.

Saanvi is so freaking fierce. After everything she’s been through, she refuses any help. Instead, she tells the officer that she has a patient to take care of. Ben goes to Adrian, though, to tell him that he is putting people in danger. Sure, the flight returning was a miracle, but Adrian is being too much about it. I don’t trust him.

Oh, there’s Major. Who the heck are you, woman and what do you want with these people?! It seems like her main focus is on Ben, which is peculiar to say the least. If she hurts Ben, I will be mad af.

Turns out Lourdes did leave Jared. Yes, girl, you don’t deserve that treatment. He tells Michaela that he loves her and wants to get back together. Michaela, however, tells him she can’t get back with him right now after Lourdes literally just left. Seriously Jared, cool it!


Madeline’s Manifest musings

  • Zeke is just so sweet.
  • No good can comes from visiting the Church of the Returned, Ben!
  • I feel so bad for Lourdes, like so bad.
  • Team Michaela and Zeke
  • Jared is a piece of garbage to me right now. I can’t even with him.
  • Zeke with Cal was just heartwarming.
  • Honestly, I’m disliking Jared so much that Grace isn’t so bad. I know, that’s shocking coming from me.
  • I think Michaela isn’t going to take Jared back. I think she feels too guilty about betraying Lourdes that she’s going to put distance between them.
  • Someone give Saanvi a hug!

We’re winding down to the season finale. I will never be ready for that, so I’ll be quietly freaking out from afar. What are your thoughts of this episode? Sound off below or tweet us!

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