Hallmark WinterFest Movie Review: ‘Winter Love Story’

Winter + love = warm, toasty us!

We’ve said goodbye to the wonderful and cozy Hallmark Christmas movies, and now we welcome the WinterFest – today we are sharing with you the stunning story of two authors who find love, whilst promoting their books on a joint book tour.

Movie Synopsis

When new author Cassie Winslett’s first novel isn’t selling, she is paired on a book tour with the best-selling author Elliot Somersby to boost Cassie’s sales and her confidence – but along the way a romance starts to blossom.


I know we’re still only in January, but Winter Love Story has to be my favorite Hallmark movie of them all – so far!

Being a bookworm myself, it was really fun to travel with these characters, as they embarked on their joint book tour. I loved seeing what a book tour entails e.g. radio interviews, university interviews, book signings, etc.

Cassie is such a bubbly character, who although has a lot of doubts regarding her book, still perseveres and doesn’t let that niggling feeling of failure stop her from beaming that smile at everyone she passes. With her book deal on the line – if this book tour isn’t a success – and a pretentious award-winning author by her side, Cassie doesn’t realize just how incredible and magical this road trip and book tour is going to be for her.

I had previously watched Jen Lilley in a 2018 Christmas Hallmark Movie Mingle All The Way and was immediately entranced by her infectious smile and charisma that she displays on TV. She’s got elegance to her as well that makes you want to be like the character’s she portrays – and I’m sure she is exactly the way she is whether that be on screen or off screen. Plus, her hair is just absolutely to die for!

Elliott is a successful author with his Dragon book series; however, what people don’t realize is that although his first two books are doing incredibly well – his third book doesn’t even have a plot. He allows himself to be portrayed as a ‘diva’, which we later find out has a lot to do with his four-legged friend.

He shows himself to be an extremely thoughtful and caring person who, although he loves the attention, would much prefer to see Cassie and her debut book shine instead. It is easy to see how quickly he had fallen for Cassie, when her publicist tells her that Elliott has never offered to share a book tour with someone before.

I was first introduced to Kevin McGarry in Winter Castle and his charm had me hooked immediately – as did his character’s charm. He stood out even more in this movie and I don’t know if it was down to the story-line or the company, but he was more memorable this time around and you just can’t dislike him.

I really loved the final scene where the drama had happened *no spoilers here* and Elliott was now making amends – the chemistry between both actors and the banter that they had back and fourth between each other was infectious and I felt myself smiling along with every word they said. I definitely believe that these two actors should be put together for more Hallmark movies in the future, because their chemistry is one of the things that really got me watching.

Let us know what you’re favorite Hallmark Movies are so far of 2019, in the comments below and keep a look out for which movie I review next!


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