‘Charmed’ 1×11 recap: “Witch Perfect”

Love letters, fathers, ex-girlfriends, sirens, a sister back from the dead...

Charmed 1×11 recap: Season 1, Episode 11, “Witch Perfect” Aired January 28, 2019.

After doing a secret reveal spell in episode 10, Macy finds out that she is not the odd sister out after all, when her and Gavin find a box full of love letters that go back years between her mother and father, Macy finds out that it is actually her and Maggie that have the same father, not Maggie and Mel.

Although a new father is definitely a bomb well and truly dropped, wait until you see what drama episode 11 has in store for you, because bombs were topped and the ending bomb whipped a new father right out of the park. Here is what happened on Charmed, 1×11!

Worst Sister Ever?

Kick-starting off episode 11, Maggie is preparing to audition for her college’s a capella group – you guessed it, ran by a demon. However, before even getting to her audition, Macy sits her two sisters down to break the news about their DNA results – leaving the two of them upset and wanting nothing to do with Macy for the time being. Like Macy says though, when is it really the right time to tell one of your sisters that their father is not really their father?

In a whirlwind of emotions, Maggie goes on to perform a heartfelt and teary rendition of ‘Walking on Sunshine‘, immediately getting a standing ovation from Mr Morales and a place in the Hilltones. Unfortunately for Maggie, her ex-sorority friend and Hunter’s ex-girlfriend, Lucy is also a member of the a capella group, leaving the two to have a well needed catch-up.

Haunted by an ex/stranger

While at the bar on an Arcana mission with Jada, Mel comes face to face with her ex-girlfriend Niko, who introduces herself as a PI and is need of help looking for Jada, as she is worried that Jada is in a cult. What breaks out heart the most is that whilst speaking to Mel, Niko still has no idea who she is.

The Siren Song

After a member of the Hilltones goes missing unexpectedly and notices Mr Morales is extremely protective of the pipe around his neck, Maggie uses her powers to hear the missing girl screaming for help from the pipe. What Maggie doesn’t know, but soon comes to know is that her conductor was actually possessed by a demon in Greece.

Harry explains that Maggie’s conductor is actually a male siren and the two sisters, along with Galvin go to help fight the demon, whilst Harry text’s them the spell.

Maggie and her sisters find out that Mr Morales has turned the Hilltones in to sirens, to steal the souls of their audience when they sing. All humans in the audience, including Gavin die and luckily for Macy, Maggie gets the special tea that will bring him back to life.

In order to save the rest of the audience, Maggie sticks her head mic on and heads on to the stage, meshing two songs together to rid of the Siren song.

After the sisters manage to vanquish the demon, due to a couple of slip-ups from them not working together, Gavin then ultimately saves the day by playing the Devil’s Tritone and releases the souls from the pitch pipe.

Back From The Dead?

Maggie sort of comes to the terms that her father isn’t actually her father and so she sits beside Macy, beginning to look over all of the love letters between their parents. Some things should be left unread however, as Maggie picks up a letter talking about how if Macy found out that her parents brought her back from the dead, she would never forgive them.

Whaaattt? We need more answers to this!! How did Macy die? How did they bring her back to life? Were there or will there be any consequences for bringing Macy back to life? We need to know!

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