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‘Black Lightning’ 2×11: Top 4 moments from “Prodigal Son”

The last goodbye to Khalil!

Black Lightning 2×11 recap: Season 2, Episode 11, “The Book of Secrets: Chapter One: Prodigal Son”, Aired Jan. 28, 2019

There’s always drama and tragedy in Freeland, and in this week’s Black Lightning episode, it is no different.

Lets breakdown the top 4 moments from 2×11:

#1 Saying goodbye to Khalil

Poor, poor, Khalil! I thought maybe there would be some way to save him, but sadly Khalil ultimately died. The one positive thing was that they all tried what they could, and him Mom, Jen, and the Pierce family got to say goodbye to Khalil before it was too late. The only way Khalil could survive was if they could transplant another spine into his body, but no one else (but Tobias) has that technology.

The sweet part of such a sad situation was when Jen brought Khalil into her mind and created a happy moment for his thoughts. It was prom night, Khalil was walking normally, and the two spent some last minute time together. Jen and Khalil kissed and told each other they loved one another, before Khalil sadly disappeared.

Moments after that, Khalil passed away. I’M CRYING! This scene reminded me of what Damon did with Rose before she dies in The Vampire Diaries. I loved that scene, just like this one, as it gave them a happy memory as died.

I wish more could have been done for Khalil. He did some terrible things, but he really was on the road to redemption. I’m sad Khalil didn’t get to fully redeem himself and get out of Tobias’ grasps. Let’s hope justice is served and Tobias pays for what he did! #JusticeForKhalil

#2  Jefferson and Henderson’s plan to bring down Tobias

Jefferson finally brings Henderson fully on board with everything.

After Henderson fills Jefferson in on what happened with Reverend Holt, Jefferson knew enough was enough. He knows that Tobias has wanted the clinic off of Reverend Holt, so it is very likely that he is responsible for his heart attack. Jefferson knows that the police will struggle to arrest Tobias again, so has another idea. Jefferson tells Henderson he has some other resources that can help with bringing down Tobias.

Jefferson then takes Henderson to his secret liar, aka Gambi’s tailor shop. He asks if they are all good before he shows him anymore, and Henderson agrees. Jefferson then lets him into the sanctum. Henderson comes face-to-face with Gambi, (who he thought was dead), so has quite a shock to see him alive. Henderson is all like, “Is anyone else going to come from the dead now?” – LOL, not for just now anyways!

Their plan is that they shouldn’t just pin Tobias for one murder, but multiple. That way it will be a lot harder for Tobias to find a way out of it. Gambi gets the toxicity results from Reverend Holt, and finally confirms that he was indeed poisoned. It might be hard to prove that Tobias was behind it, but maybe their plan on finding him guilty of multiple murders will work in their favor. Henderson says that if they find evidence that Tobias is running a criminal organization, then they can turn Tobias over to the feds.

Henderson turns up to Tobias’ place and gets him talking. Tobias believes it’s just a routine visit, after everything that has happened. Tobias is all cocky because he knows, right now anyway, he is untouchable. Unknown to him though, Henderson was there for another reason, he had a secret camera on him, scanning his property, until something interesting was found. What they do find is that Tobias has a hidden safe, so Gambi gathers all the information on it he can.

Let’s hope the three of them can take down Tobias together!

#3 Jen electrocuting the racist woman’s car

Jen was so heartbroken over the news that Khalil was going to die, that she ran out into the hospital parking lot and began to cry. Unfortunately for Jen, she chose to stand by a car of a racist woman. For some unknown reason, the woman called the police on Jen and told them that she was trying to break into her car.

Of course Jen tried to get the woman to see some sense, but when that was clearly never going to happen, Jen got mad and electrocuted her car (causing it to explode). Maybe the woman shouldn’t have made up lies and called the police on Jen for NO REASON.

I thought it was hilarious when Jen went, “You wanna call the police on God?, after the woman tried to blame her. LOL, we love it when you’re sassy, Jen!

#4 Tobias causes Reverend Holt to have a heart attack

Reverend Holt’s opening preach was quite the epic one, so much so he ended up collapsing after it. Or so we thought … we see Cutter swiftly leaving the church as Reverend Holt is lying on the ground. Since Khalil wouldn’t kill him, it was only a matter of time until Tobias got someone else to do it instead.

This time, however, it was just a scare tactic.He got Cutter to put poison on his handkerchief, which then caused him to have a heart attack. Tobias didn’t want him to die, just to shake him up a little. This way, Tobias can get control of him. Do you think it will work? Or will Reverend Holt be more motivated to stand against him?

Other important scenes:

  • It was really cute to see Grace turning up to be at her boo’s side, while all the sadness over Khalil was happening. Let’s hope we get some more Grace and Anissa screentime again soon. #ThunderGrace
  • Jen persuades Lynn to use her Green Light pod children experiment experience to try and help save Khalil. She thinks that if they can get him into one of the pods then maybe he will survive. Despite the lead doctors orders, Lynn takes over with the ASA and attempts to do what they can to save him. Sadly they were unable to save Khalil’s life.
  • Tobias gets Todd to go to Dr. Jace’s jail cell and convince her to leave with him, and become part of their (evil) plan. Of course, it doesn’t take much persuasion and she agrees to go work for Tobias. Once with Tobias, Dr. Jace offers to let him know where the four super-metas are, that he is so keen to find.
  • Before Khalil dies, he asks Black Lightning to kill Tobias. Will Jefferson follow through on something he has told himself for years, that he will never do? I am starting to agree with Khalil that maybe the only way is to take Tobias out.

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Black Lightning airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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