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‘Arrow’ 7×11 discussion: The transparency and redemption of “Past Sins”

Happy Directorial Debut, David Ramsey!

Arrow recap: Season 7, Episode 11, “Past Sins” Aired Jan. 28, 2019

The transparency of The Hood, Felicity Smoak, and redemption. This episode brings up a variety topics we can discuss, so let’s talk, friends.


Oliver promises transparency on the Star City local news. Right after the news reporter so “delicately” asked him about his father’s suicide. And about Oliver’s experiences watching his father shoot himself in front of him… and about the man he killed. In front of him.

Its classic Oliver Queen behavior to just answer the question. Transparency is a noble and authentic goal, and a quality we would be lucky to have in anyone with any modicum of influence.

But even news reporters don’t have permission to just crack open anyone’s trauma and broadcast it for all the world to see. Oh, he talked about it once, it must be okay to ask about it now. Oh, he lied to us about being the Green Arrow we are entitled to the details.

Is there such thing as to transparent? Oliver’s unmasked and working with the SCPD, and even when he was just Ollie Queen, heir to Queen Consolidated, literal billionaire, a regular old Kardashian of Star City, there was a just taste of the media (and Star City as a whole) expecting the intimate life of Oliver be made public.

But that was then, and this is now. NOW, that people know he is the Green Arrow, the entitlement only extends because:

  1. He had power and influence over Star City, it’s completely in their prerogative to question his motives and intentions.
  2. He lied to them about who he was.

However, even though the validity of those reasons still ring true, it’s the entitlement of “you lied, so now there can be no lies or omissions or else we’ll hate you.” And as someone who is very protective of Oliver Queen, this aspect of transparency has me nervous for him.

Additionally, it only harnesses my feeling of resentment towards Star City for putting Oliver in this place of extremes. “Tell us everything or we’ll hate you and not trust you,” even when it pertains to the intimate details of his greatest trauma? Nah, I don’t think so.

Because the Queen family has always been apart of the cultural DNA of Star City, he’s seen as a figure (good or bad), rather than a person. That’s disappointing to see, but something that will hopefully be rectified in the future.

Felicity Smoak

We love Felicity Smoak. I love Felicity Smoak. And we all want the best for her. Which is why we clamor and beg for an individual storyline and for Smoak Tech to finally rise!

Through my own personal experience of the character for all of these years, I never felt a lack of Felicity Smoak quality content like I have in 7B. I know, this is only the second episode of the back half, but these two episodes made me nervous.

But my reasoning for never feeling like her content was particularly “lacking” for lack of a better term, is because Felicity has always been such an integral part of the team, and the glue that holds everything together. And even when she didn’t have an individual storyline, her passion for the mission, and for Overwatch, sustained me substantially. Now there is no team. And I feel it.

And I have never had an aching for Smoak Tech than I do right now. Felicity being everyone’s champion and “the light bringer” is one of the many reasons why we love her. However, I want to see her champion herself a little bit more.

She’s developing her own security system, and what will come of it? Please, god, let it be Smoak Tech.


Black Siren has ways to go in the redemptive front. So, she became a murderer because when she was a little girl she threw a tantrum about her father forgetting her birthday cake, and when he went to go get it he was hit by a drunk driver? Right? Cool.

No, Black Siren you are not responsible for your father’s death, but you are responsible for everyone you killed sense then.

Will she earn redemption while she is living the life another dead woman earned? Ehhhh…. probably not. Even with the help of Felicity.

The Black Siren and Felicity scenes were admittedly enjoyable and cute. Would we have preferred Arrow cultivate and care for a friendship with Thea, Dinah, or Laurel? Sure. Absolutely. But at least Felicity has one female friend.

What did you think about the episode? Let us know on Twitter @Pure_Fandom and @lynsneill.

P.S.: Oliver and Felicity holding hands throughout the episode gave me life, they are the ultimate power couple.

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