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‘The Flash’ 5×12: 5 key points from “Memorabilia”

The West-Allens mind each other's business for better or for worse

The Flash season 5 episode 12, “Memorabilia”, aired on 29th January 2019.

Hello Central City Citizens. Yes, we finally have a “fandom name” for ourselves. Thank you Mrs Iris West-Allen.

I expected “Memorabilia” to be a remake of “O Come All Ye Faithful”, going back into the past etc etc. It wasn’t – The Flash found a way to look at the past without actually time-travelling!

Sherloque wrangled a memory machine from Earth-221 the team could use to enter Grace’s memories and wake her from her coma. However, Nora defies instruction and goes in alone, so she gets trapped in Grace’s head. Barry and Iris go in after her, and get stuck in her memories – mostly in the future Flash Museum. Here’s what we learnt through this ordeal.

1. Iris is amazing

Worrying about the future usually falls to Barry, but Iris took up the job this week. Presented the opportunity to start her own newspaper, Iris is hesitant because the only name available is ‘Central City Citizen’ – the name of the paper she writes the “Flash goes missing” article for in 2024.

On top of that, she sees Nora’s memories of her as a “bad mum”. Barry gives her the whole “you can be different! Just don’t be that person!” spiel again, and she has to shut him down again.

However, those scenes turn out to be perception gaps – memories skewed by emotion. Nora later explains that she would have projected her anger on not having a father onto Iris regardless of how she was as a parent, and says she understands Iris’ actions.

the flash iris west nora west-allen
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Iris is relieved to learn she isn’t a villain in Nora’s childhood, while Barry proclaims his undying faith in her.

Then, just to remind us of her badassery, Iris vaporises a Reverse Flash suit come alive with DeVoe’s chair before it kills Barry.

Finally, Iris officially kickstarts her newspaper – 2 years ahead of the original timeline. What did we say about changing the timeline? Barry is a bad influence. But it’s Iris doing cool stuff, so I’ll let this slide.

2. Grace knows Nora is XS

Meanwhile, Nora dealt with Grace’s consciousness within the girl’s memories. She follows Grace to “Uncle Orlin’s” house, and then the hospital. She learns that Grace, though comatose, can hear what people around her are saying. Thus, Grace is privy to her uncle’s plans.

Unfortunately for Nora, Grace sides with her uncle, having lost her own parents to metahuman attacks. She figures out that Nora is the Flash’s daughter. A Cicada appears in the memory and begins to attack Nora. Luckily, Barry and Iris manage to get out of Nora’s memory and into Grace’s in the nick of time.

The team still has not awaken Grace. And now, doing so might be a great risk.

3. Great mastermind Sherloque

The Wellses have always been a little sly, and Sherloque is definitely up there with Eobard-Wells. He covers it nicely with his blaisé attitude and that whole Cicada misidentity fiasco in the beginning. He paints a shady character who’s winging it through life. It causes Team Flash and viewers included to underestimate his true sleuthing skills.

Considering the memory machine idea was his in the first place, the events this week could have all been orchestrated by Sherloque to uncover Nora’s secret. He initially wanted Barry and Nora to enter Grace’s mind together.

the flash sherloque wells
the CW

Though things didn’t go to plan, (or did he expect Nora to try to go it alone? So he could have both Barry and Iris on her tail?) he still learnt something crucial – that Nora’s mental defense mechanism against “intruders” into her memory is Reverse Flash’s suit. The man is playing 3D chess here, while everyone still sees a flat board.

4. Ralph helps Cisco make friends

Ralph asks Cisco to help him vibe an “informant” who might have information about Cicada, but whom Ralph doesn’t trust. Turns out it was a trick to take Cisco out and get him to loosen up.

Cisco isn’t happy about being dragged away from his research. He doesn’t want to chat up some girls (although he might want to know where they get their leather jackets). However, he eventually befriends the bartender, who inadvertently helps him make headway in his meta-cure research.

dailycisco – tumblr

I like how The Flash is handling Ralph this season and developing his relationships with the team. He cares about Cisco and Caitlin, and was the one who found the office space for Iris.

5. Barry’s new stand on Cicada

Barry has decided that, when Cisco formulates his cure, he wants to use it on Cicada.

Whoa, what happened to appealing to his heart? And how will Cisco and Caitlin react to Barry enforcing the cure? And everybody else?


Some quotes from the episode, cos these had a handful of good ones.

  • Iris: Why are you wearing a helmet? I thought you weremade of rubber?
    Ralph: Well someone has to set an example for these kids.
  • Cisco: Your partner’s name didn’t happen to be Watson, did it?
    Sherloque: It was not Watson, it was Watsoon
  • Iris: When I was a kid I wasn’t running away from home
    Barry: That’s because you were a good kid, I ran away all the time.
  • Cisco: What is that you always say? “I small a mystery.”
    Ralph: That is trademarked
  • Barry to Iris: I know any future with you is going to be a good one

Go back to previous The Flash episodes with the Flash Zone – without the hassle of a memory machine.

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