‘Gotham’ recap: 5×05 “Pena Dura”

Gotham recap: Season 5, Episode 5, “Pena Dura,” Aired Jan. 31, 2019
Once again, we picked up right where last week left off. Following up with the guy who sold the weapon used to destroy Haven, Jim Gordon easily found out that Ed Nygma made the purchase.

As Nygma raced to figure out his motive for the event, we got a really special Nygmobblepot standoff and the return of Hugo Strange.

So let’s dive into the excitement. And let me tell you, there was plenty.

“Did you name your dog after me?”

Hey, Nymobblepot fans, it’s that confrontation we’ve all been waiting for.

Gotham 5x05 Pena Dura Penguin Oswald Cobblepot Ed Nygma The Riddler Robin Lord Taylor Cory Michael Smith Nygmobblepot

Nygma found out that it was Oswald who saved his life after he was stabbed by Lee, paying Hugo Strange to save him.

Gotham 5x05 Pena Dura The Riddler Ed Nygma Oswald Cobblepot The Penguin Nygmobblepot

With that revelation, the two, teary-eyed, discussed their frenemy status. It was intimate and – dare I say? – romantic, though in a weird, kinda creepy way.

Gotham 5x05 Pena Dura Nygmobblepot The Penguin Oswald Cobblepot The Riddler Ed Nygma

Rough times for BatCat

Bruce continued to chase after Selina despite her wishes. However, this time, she was determined to prove what kind of person she is.

Gotham 5x05 Pena Dura Selina Kyle Catwoman BatCat

She told Bruce that she was there the night his parents were murdered. To make things worse, she admitted she didn’t do anything as she watched the scene unfold because she wasn’t willing to risk her life because she didn’t care enough. And she added – the real kicker – she is still that person. Ouch.

Still, we got a declaration of love out of Bruce despite this information, just not to Selina’s face. Probably a good call there, Bruce.

Who’s in control?

Gotham 5x05 Pena Dura The Riddler Ed Nygma insult

The Riddler was convinced that Hugo Strange, or someone working with him, was in control of his alter ego’s actions during his blackouts. With that idea in mind, he headed to Barbara for intel on where to find the doctor.

The Riddler’s hunch was correct. Strange put a chip in Nygma’s brain as he was healing him, one that allowed him to be controlled remotely. Strange performed brain surgery on Nygma (while he was awake and could still feel the pain!) to reboot the chip. However, Strange admitted he wasn’t the one controlling Nygma.

More on the chip below, and you’re going to want to read that plot twist.


Gotham 5x05 Pena Dura Bane Eduardo Dorrance Shane West

This week was an introduction to Shane West as Eduardo Dorrance, who I suppose will become Bane in a later episode despite the Bane-esque character from a few episodes ago. Considering the title of this episode, “Pena Dura,” is an alias of the prison Bane was forced into, “Pena Duro,” I was hoping for more around his character.

We did get a delicious plot twist where Eduardo was involved with Strange and controlling Nygma, and his higher-up wanted Jim to put a bullet in Nygma’s head to prove alliance. In response, the government would step in and help Jim get Gotham back in order. Jim, of course, refused. This is going to be interesting.

As for Eduardo/Bane, we’ll have to keep watching for more of Jim Gordon’s Army buddy – ex-buddy, I suppose.


Welp, Jeremiah is still alive. What a shock (she typed sarcastically). Oh, and he has been working on clones or something that I’m guessing resemble Martha and Thomas Wayne. Bruce has no idea what’s coming. Then again, it might not be them. I’m very anxious to find out!

Gotham 5x05 Pena Dura Jeremiah Valeska Martha Thomas Wayne

I really don’t want to wait two weeks to see more! That ending was insane! But good things come to those who wait, right?

See you soon, Gothamites!

Gotham 5x05 Pena Dura Ed Nygma Nygmobblepot Edward the dog


Two weeks:

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