‘Deadly Class’ recap: Episode 1×03, “Snake Pit”

It's a dance to remember.

Deadly Class season 1 episode 3, “Snake Pit,” aired 30 January 2019.

“It’s about taking care of your people.”

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The episode begins with the animated scene of the week. It shows Marcus back at the boy’s home, with the roommate of the year, the guy we saw at the end of last episode. It’s clear that he abused Marcus, and we see Marcus building a bomb, most likely what caused the fire.

Fake friends

Willie and Marcus have really connected over the last two episodes, but apparently the differences between a Legacy, someone who has family that have gone to the school before them, and a “Rat,” someone who is the first to go to King’s Dominion, are too strong. It’s the week of the Legacy dance, and the Rats aren’t invited.

The week of the dance brings hazing for the Rats. Billy gets a mouse trap in his locker, and Chico gets the cafeteria to serve them actual rats for lunch, something that doesn’t bother Marcus, since he’s had experience eating them on the street. After Willie completely dismisses Marcus in the hallway, Marcus decides that he can’t be friends with someone who’s ashamed of him.


They all have a Blow Dart Workshop, and in Poison 101 they learn about a poison that incites intense hallucinations, which Marcus “accidentally” spills on the classmate who pranked Billy.

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Then Marcus has a nice conversation with a serial killer in the Fundamentals of Psychopathy. In Atypical Combat Skills, they enact a rescue mission, and Marcus surprisingly aces it, choking the professor with a phone cord.

Girls’ night out

For obvious reasons, Maria wants space from Chico, so she asks to go to the Legacy Dance with Saya. Chico allows it, and the girls steal some alcohol for the night. Then Chico goes back on his word, appearing at the dance and ruining their fun.

Saya talks to him, and he claims that Maria is playing her. But she told Saya he’d say that, so Maria asks her what they should do now. They leave the dance to go streak Golden Gate Park.

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The odd couple

Viktor appears to be smitten with Petra after the party, and he asks her to go to the dance with him. At first she says no, but then she starts liking his attention, and she doesn’t mind pissing off Brandy too.

But at the dance, Petra discovers that Viktor is just as slimy as she thought. He was tricking her to come, so Brandy and other Legacies could dress her up and crown her “Miss Rat 1987.” She leaves, meeting the others on the roof.

Class warfare

After the rat meat lunch, Lex and Billy decide to go to war against the Legacies, and they make a plan for the night of the dance. When Petra returns and tells them what happened, Marcus realizes he can’t sit this one out. He says, “There’s no point of having friends if you’re not gonna stick up for them.”

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Marcus, Lex, Billy, and Petra go to the dance dressed in cloaks and armed with blow darts filled with the poison from class. They hit as many Legacies as they can, including Viktor and Brandy.

Then Chico notices Marcus, and attacks him. Willie, finally standing up for their friendship, defends Marcus, right before Master Lin interrupts.

*The moment of the night*

When everyone’s cleared out, Petra wanders back in. Billy finds her, puts on the song “Lady in Red,” and waits on the dance floor. She comes and dances with him, and it’s adorable and sweet and perfect. Billy and Petra 4eva.

Friend or foe

Professor Denke’s talks with Marcus convince him that he doesn’t want to teach anymore, and he hands Lin his resignation, which doesn’t go over well with the assassin organization. Master Lin is ordered to kill him. But when the moment comes, Lin can’t do it, and he lets Denke go with a warning that the organization will be after him.

The episode ends with a student who seems to be a member of the Yakuza. In a box, there’s a pile of cash, and a picture of Saya. Who’s going after her? And why?

Season one of Deadly Class airs on SYFY, Wednesdays at 10PM.

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