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‘Supergirl’ recap: “Top 4 moments of Blood Memory”

Supergirl recap: Season 4, Episode 11, “Blood Memory” Aired January 27, 2019.

Superfans, this week’s episode of Supergirl was one of my faves. This episode can only be labeled as one thing, the origin story of Nia Nal. We finally get to see Nia Nal’s journey to Dreamer. Guess what? We loved it! Check out the top moments!

4. Welcome to Parthas!


It’s Harvest Festival time in Nia’s hometown. Nia and Kara are off to the quaint place for a much needed break. Kara is still reeling over Alex’s personality changes and Nia is missing home.

Nia isn’t completely thrilled, she is nervous to reveal her powers. Her older sister, Maeve, was next in line to receive them. Nia doesn’t want Maeve to be upset.  Ms. Nal is unsure she wants the responsibility of being a hero.

On the car ride over Nia has.

  • In the dream, her mother is drinking black goop out of a glass.
  • Then her Mom fades away. Yes, I was getting Avenger vibes from that scene!
  • Unsure of what it means she doesn’t tell Kara.

They arrive at her home and she introduces Kara to her family.

3. Family Expectations


At dinner, Maeve continues to tell Kara how her family works. Each generation, one woman in the family inherits the dream powers. Maeve being the oldest is supposed to have them after her Mom.

Maeve has been training her whole life. She studies dream interpretation, reads book, etc. She is afraid if she doesn’t get her powers soon, she will have blind sight her whole life. No, they did not explain to us what that was. I am assuming that will come back later on. 

They was Maeve goes on about her powers the more Nia begins to be uncomfortable. I am with Nia on this one, it does seem like Maeve will go a little crazy if she doesn’t get the powers. Girl, needs to find a hobby.

2. A Death in the Family

At Nia’s house, her Mother gets bit by a spider.

  1. Nia realizes what is going on and screams her Mom’s name.
  2. Mrs. Nal realizes Nia is the one with the sight.
  3. She passes.

Nia feels that if Maeve had the power, she would have been able to interpret the dream. She thinks Maeve would have been able to save her Mom.

The family will have a memorial at the Harvest Fest for their Mother. They unfortunately have some uninvited guests.

1. Memorial Crashers


Throughout the episode, there is a drug floating around. The drug makes the users super strong, weird looking, and crazy. The Children of Liberty are at the Harvest Festival to protest and they take the drug. They light the barn on fire and attack the people.

Since the town is inhabited by both aliens and humans, the aliens and humans both defend their home. This is a wonderful sight to see. All season we have been watching aliens and humans go at it. Seeing them come together and fight was beautiful!

The DEO arrive to help Supergirl and Nia. They defeat the attackers. Kara and Nia go back to her house to say goodbye. Nia’s Sister is still extremely upset with her. On the way home Nia explains that she will never understand how it feels. Kara pulls over the car and reveals her identity to Nia!

What did you think of the episode? What did you think of the reveal? Did anyone think it was funny how they did the reveal? It is still so hard to comprehend how everyone doesn’t know who Kara is. Sound off in the comments!

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