‘Manifest’ 1×13 recap: “Cleared For Approach”

Manifest recap: Season 1, Episode 13, “Cleared For Approach,” aired Jan. 28, 2019.

Well, this episode was interesting, to say the least. Not only are the Stones getting threatened, but Michaela finds a new connection with a lost soul. Let’s dig into the episode!

Yeah, I ship it

Michaela agrees to stay with Zeke, despite Ben’s apprehension. Ben is SUCH an older brother, and I love it. Zeke tells Michaela that he appreciates her staying with him, but he wants to be alone. He thinks one of them might be cray, which can you blame him?

However, we find out that the two are actually connected. Yep, they are having the same callings. I’m kinda shipping them, to be honest.

Back in civilization, Ben goes to Saanvi about the blood mark of Zeke. There, we find out that someone was supposed to go to Jamaica with her. Hmmm who is this mystery person she speaks of? I must know.

Bananagrams! and missing guys

Michaela goes to the store to get pork rinds, which I second her on why they’re still around. After seeing Zeke’s missing poster, Michaela confronts the cashier about it. He tells her that he thinks he offed himself and that his sister went missing on the same mountain in 2006.

Now, that is peculiar. When Michaela comes back to the cabin, she finds Zeke is no longer there. Come on, Zeke, stop running off and let her help.

Eventually, she does find him and tells him they need to find that cave. Then he can get off the mountain where he has bad memories. Oh, and she lied about not having the pork rinds. Look at them, becoming friends and stuff.

The Stone family is playing a nice round of Bananagram when Jared comes in asking about Michaela. However, game day is put to a halt when something comes crashing through the window, with “cursed family” being yelled out.

Go Back

Michaela and Zeke make it to the cave where the callings are becoming more prominent. The sky backdrop with a man saying “get out.” And omg, he has a necklace with a star on it. What does this mean?!

In the cave, he admits to killing his little sister. Excuse me sir, but I don’t think I can trust you any longer. Unless, unless, you guys, it isn’t what we think it is. It can’t be — I was really liking him.

THE PLANE WAS THE EARTHQUAKE. THIS WAS THE AFTERSHOCK. I am shook by Saanvi’s findings. What else did it mess up? But enough about that, Ben tells Saanvi that he’s worried about her and to be careful. Shipping it.

Back to the cave! Turns out, Zeke’s sister fell down the ravine after he told her to leave her alone. He blames himself for his death. Just like Michaela blames herself for Evie’s death. They’re both the same people with tragedies that happened to them. Aw this is so freaking sad. Stop it.

Building fairy towers

My shipping heart can’t take Michaela and Zeke. He tells her more about his sister and about how his parents wanted him to build a rock tower. Michaela tells him that they should do it — they should build it together. You guys, she is so sweet. I can’t.

Ben goes to take care of some business from the man who harassed his family. He finds the man’s business hoarded with pictures of the passengers and the confession that he live-streamed Ben storming in and threatening him. Uh oh. Dang modern technology!

I have to admit, you guys, Grace is warming up to me a little. Her talk with Cal telling him she knows he’s him was sweet. She really does care about her family. Even her talk with Ben has my heart melting a little. Who am I??!?

BbbUuuuttttttTTT…..that does not mean I want them to get back together. I still think they grew apart for a reason. Give Saanvi a chance! Who also got an X. What the heck.

Madeline’s musings

  • BEN AND SAANVI. Heyyyyyyyy, cute.
  • Michaela and Zeke are literally the same people and they are connected. You can’t deny that they’re meant for each other!
  • Can Ben ever catch a break?
  • This episode made me love Michaela even more. She’s so selfless and awesome. She totally reminds me of Emma Swan.
  • Grace and Cal’s heart-to-hearts always get me.
  • Jared interrogating Ben was intense. Woah, man.
  • Ben upset has me upset.
  • IT’S LIGHTENING! This cannot be a good sign because this show has a bad thing with lightening.

The episodes are dwindling down. No! What did you think of this episode? Sound off below or tweet us your reactions!

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