‘I Am the Night’ 1×01 recap: “Pilot”

I Am the Night recap: Season 1, Episode 1, “Pilot,” aired Jan. 28, 2019.

Okay, so I was intrigued by the commercials for this show, and typically, I don’t watch these kinds of shows because I’m a baby. However, it’s Chris Pine, you guys, and sometimes you have to step outside of your comfort zone. Plus, I did enjoy Bates Motel, and that show was all kinds of creepy, so why not take a chance with this miniseries? Let’s dig into the pilot episode!

Meeting the MCs

In the first ten minutes or so of the show, we meet our two main characters: Pat and Jay. Simple enough to remember considering both characters have 3 letter names. However, that’s really where the similarities end for them.

Pat is a high school girl living with her kind crazy and drunk mom. She works at a hospital and has the dream of marrying her boyfriend so she can become a woman. Her boyfriend tells her that she’s much too young. Girl, finish high school first at least and then let’s talk marriage.

Jay, played by Chris Pine, is a journalist. Yay, I love when characters are journalists because I can understand the journalism jargon that’s used. He’s out photographing a woman jaunting with some man. So, he’s not a reputable journalist it seems by any stretch. That’s some paparazzi bs there.

Oh, and Jay seems to have a cocaine problem as well. I also really dig these short shorts and floral button-up Chris Pine is rocking in the first scene. A style icon. What a look.

Secrets, Secrets, Secrets

The editor dude was right when he told his protege that sometimes secrets are just that, secrets. We do learn that Jay was a former Marine and later wrote for LA Times at just 18 and was an amazing writer. Now he claims himself as a loser writing for the Examiner.

Jay tells the editor dude that he thirsts for some real stories, and he’s assigned to a murder story. He makes a dramatic exit with a story for the LA Times brewing. Chris Pine can do any role. I can only think about his performance of the song “Agony” in Into the Woods. That was just simply a fantastic musical number. Lol.

Meanwhile, Jay sifts through her drunk mother’s stuff at night. What she comes across is surprising to her, seeing a birth certificate that reads “Fauna Hodel.” When she confronts her mother, she’s mad AF. Apparently, Pat is actually Fauna and was given up for adoption. That clears some stuff up for me.

He should take a media ethics class

Jay is breaking literally ALL the media ethics of a journalist. I would know — I had a 2-hour media ethics class at 8 a.m. during college, and what Jay is doing is a big, fat NO. He goes undercover as a medical examiner to take pictures of the gruesome murder. That’s a good way to lose your job, man.

It doesn’t go too well though because he ends up hiding inside one of the morgue drawers with a bunch of dead bodies. Ew. Then he gets promptly thrown out when he starts cracking up when he realized “wow, this is my life now.” Well, Jay, you’re not too smooth for undercover work. Probably stick to being a beat journalist.

In Sparks, Fauna calls her grandfather to come out to meet him. I’m thinking this is probably the start of a bunch of bad happenings. When she hangs up the phone, a nurse comes to tell her that her mom has passed away. Except she hadn’t — that was her mom’s way of getting Fauna home. That was all kinds of messed up. Fauna tells her mom she’s crazy and packs to go to LA.

LA, Baby

Annnndddd Fauna is off to LA to meet this mysterious grandfather. I’m telling you guys, this can’t bode well for her. Especially with that creepy man stalking her in the car, who I bet is the grandfather. That would make a lot of sense. Or he’s just one of his creepy lackies.

Back in LA, Jay is having a bad day. “1 out of 10 how great do I look?” Well, Chris Pine, you look beat up and such, but I would say 9/10 still.

That ending was…unsettling to say the least. Just as Jay is about to hang himself, he gets a call from Fauna’s mother, telling him he was right about the article he wrote about Dr. Hodel, and he should pursue that. Hmmm.

Fauna has also arrived in LA to no response from Dr. Hodel. When she calls his wife, she tells Fauna that he is a dangerous man and to stay away. And he definitely gave me the creeps the 5 seconds we see him. It seems like he’s a shadier, evil version of Gatsby.*Shudders*

Overall, it was a good start to the series. Of course, it was merely an episode to set the backdrop for what’s to come. From the looks of it, I would say it’s not going to be a happy ending, and it might give me some nightmares. What did you think of the pilot?

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