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‘Supernatural’ 14×11: 5 most heartbreaking moments in “Damaged Goods”

Grab the tissues!

Supernatural 14×11 recap: Season 14, Episode 11, “Damaged Goods,” Aired Jan. 24, 2019

Sam and Dean have had their share of heartbreak. Actually, they have had a universe’s share of heartbreak, but they always keep fighting, until now. Dean is going to sacrifice himself to save the world – again. It was hard to watch and even harder to think about after the episode ended.

Michael is locked away in Dean’s mind, but it’s not as easy as closing the door. Throughout the episode, Dean is reminded that there is a very pissed off Archangel trapped in his head, and the door is giving. Instead of fighting (per usual), Dean packs up and gets ready for his next move.

Meanwhile, Nick is still trying to find answers about why the demon killed his family. This time, his quest leads him to Mary Winchester. Cas, Jack and the other hunters sit this one out, but Donna pops in during Dean’s farewell tour.

Let’s take a look at the biggest heartbreaks in Supernatural 14×11.

supernatural 14x11

#1 Burgers with Donna

Before we realize Dean is up to something, he stops to have a burger with Donna. While they eat he asks about Jody and the girls. Donna realizes pretty quickly that something is wrong when Dean side steps her questions about Michael. These two have a special bond, but not strong enough for her to get Dean to admit the truth.

#2 Winchester surprise

Sam was already worried about Dean, but it became clear that something was gravely wrong with Dean when he asked his mom to cook him a dinner from his childhood. As he reminisced about his childhood, it was clear that Dean wasn’t just hurting from his Michael stuff, he was on a farewell tour.

#3 Nick’s spiral

Sam saw something redeeming in Nick and it’s easy to see why. Sam was a Lucifer vessel too, but the real reason we think Nick deserves our sympathy (despite being a murderous monster), is that his story is very familiar. A grief-stricken man hunting the demon that murdered his family, while making deadly and murderous choices is exactly how this show started with John Winchester. That’s what makes us feel for Nick when the demon reveals that he killed his family because Lucifer ordered it.

Supernatural 14x11

#4 Dean’s plan

After everything goes down with Nick, Sam finally confronts Dean about what he is building in the shed. Dean tells him that the Reaper gave him plans to build a box that would contain Michael (and Dean) for eternity. Dean’s plan is to lock himself in the coffin and to have a ship drop him in the ocean.

#5 Broment to end all broments

Sam is devastated to learn Dean’s plan, but even more crushed when he realizes Dean was going to do this all without saying goodbye to him. Dean tells him that the reason he couldn’t say goodbye is because Sam is the only person who could talk him out of it. Then Dean says he doing it no matter what and hopes that Sam will stay by his side while he does.

This episode ends with a distraught Sam facing the terrible options laid out by Dean. How can Sam ever be okay with dropping his brother into the ocean to die – even if it does save the world? And are we so sure that Billie, the Reaper, is telling the truth? It’s in the world’s best interest to kill Michael, so we we wouldn’t put it past her to manipulate Dean in order to save humanity. Dean might be willing to accept this, but Sam will want to see the proof – and so will we!

What did you think of this episode? What do you think of Dean’s plan? Hit the comments and let us know! 

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