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Legacies 1×08: Everything we know about Landon’s mom and her secrets

WTF just happened? Here are the answers to all those questions

This post contains spoilers for Legacies 1×08, “Maybe I Should Start at the End”, aired January 24, 2019

Whoa! We wanted more Landon, and Legacies 1×08 delivered. What exactly just happened? Memories were erased (some, not all), moms were sacrificed, and my love for Hope and Alaric grew even more. Let’s just dive right in and break it all down.

Landon’s mom is a badass: Here’s what we know so far

Seylah, played by the lovely Ayelet Zurer, is Landon’s birth mother, and she’s got all sorts of secrets. When Hope said goodbye to Landon earlier this season, he somehow tracked down his mother, and deservingly so, she immediately thought he was her enemy and lying about being her son. Once we learned about her backstory, it’s understandable that she was so cautious. We know this much so far:

-She worked for a group called Triad that apparently captures monsters (then does who knows what), and holds the location of Malivore’s portal, which is a pit of what looks like tar;

-She’s a monster assassin;

-She saw something she shouldn’t involving the “pit of death” Malivore, and Triad tried to kill her;

-She’s been running from them ever since.

Malivore: What exactly is (it)?

We know that Malivore is a Hell dimension using monsters to do its bidding. We also know that Malivore can somehow wipe the collective conscious’ memory of… anything. What’s still unclear is if Malivore is just a Hell dimension, an entity, a person?

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Landon’s dad: Mama won’t spill the beans

When Seylah had her booze-induced chat with Ric, he called her out on lying about not knowing who Landon’s dad was (duh). The obvious guess is that Malivore is some demon dude who either:

-Seylah loved (I’m sure there’s a whole story there);

-Immaculately conceived Landon with Seylah, and Landon’s somehow another “key” to opening the dimension. Think: Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 5mwhen we were introduced to Buffy’s “sister”.

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Why didn’t Hope lose her memory?

I’m thinking Hope didn’t lose her memory like Ric and Landon because she’s HOPE FREAKING MIKAELSON. She’s a descendant of the most powerful witch of all time, her dad was the most powerful creature on the planet that could only be killed at his own bidding, and her mother was the most badass werewolf to every grace our screens. Case closed.

What we can expect to happen next re: Landon

We can expect to have a few more monster-fueled episodes as demons chase down the Egyptian-looking urn (read: key number two to unlocking the Hell dimension), then shit’s going to get real. We’ll either find out that Landon is the third key, or some other bombshell will be dropped.

Seylah clearly knew that she had to sacrifice herself—or head to do who knows what in/with Malivore—to save her son. More of that to unfold!

If you follow my articles you know I love me a good theory, so drop me your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter @lizprugh @Pure_Fandom.

Legacies airs Thursdays at 9pmEST on The CW

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