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‘Black Lightning’ 2×10: Top 3 moments from “Angelitos Negros”

Jen's coming home!

Black Lightning 2×10 recap: Season 2, Episode 10, “The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Three: Angelitos Negros”, Aired Jan. 21, 2019

Guess who’s back? Black Lightning‘s back!

Oh, how I have missed watching Black Lightning over the Christmas Holidays! Thankfully it is back, and we can return to having our weekly dose of the drama happening in Freeland.

Lets breakdown the top 3 moments from 2×10:

#1 Jen returns home to her family

The search continued for Jennifer, but thankfully it wasn’t long until Jen came home to her family. After she hears her mum breaking down, calling for her to return back to her family, Khalil admits that it’s time now for Jen to go back to Freeland. It’s not like they really could of hid forever anyways. I’m so happy Jen thought clearly and decided to go back. It was breaking my heart watching Lynn pine for her daughter. It was almost cruel for Jen to stay away for so long. But now all is well.

The looks on all their faces when they walked in their home to find Jennifer back was priceless! Looking forward to seeing the Pierce family getting over their family issues and growing stronger together.

#2 Khalil sacrifices his freedom to bring down Tobias

It wasn’t just Jennifer who returned back to Freeland, but Khalil too. Khalil apologizes greatly for his part in getting Jen involved in his dangerous Tobias situation. Lynn is quick to accept his apology (personally I think she is just grateful that Jen is back safe), however she reminds them all that if Jen continues to be around Khalil, she may not be safe for long. Before anyone could say anything else, Khalil drops the bombshell that he knows Jefferson is Black Lightning. Well, at least someone put two-and-two together and finally worked it out.

Jefferson then tells them all that he thinks Khalil should turn himself over to the authorities. To my surprise, Khalil acts selfless and agrees to go into police custody. He believes he will be more protected rather than being alone on the run. Jefferson then sets it up with Henderson, but in order for Khalil to be protected, he would need to testify against Tobias.

Before Khalil hands himself over to the police, he has an emotional reunion with his mother. Everyone thinks this plan will work, but do they really think Tobias won’t find out? Cutter is back to her old tricks, she takes down all the SWAT team transporting Khalil, and then drags him back to Tobias. By the the time Henderson arrives, it’s too late.

Next thing we know, Tobias takes a low blow and rips out his mechanical spine that was implanted, leaving him to bleed out. Cutter then moves him and flings him in front of Reverend Holt’s church. They all say a prayer for him, but right now it’s not sure if Khalil will make it.

I know Khalil has done some crazy bad stuff, but it was really heartbreaking to see his new spine being ripped out. Let’s hope somehow Black Lightning can save him so that Khalil can finally move onto his path of redemption.

#3 Todd discovers some ASA secrets

We finally find out why Tobias was so keen to get Todd working for him: to use his brain to crack the firewall on the ASA computer. Tobias chose well as Todd managed to do the job as requested. Once the firewall was bypassed, Todd discovers a project called Masters of Disasters (MOD). Basically, this MOD project has all the files (AKA evidence) of their work from 30 years ago to now.

The briefcase has files on the Pod kids, and the clinic where they gave the original green light vaccinations to children of Freeland. The clinic was the first property that the ASA owned, but then Holt then bought? Um, hold up. WHAT? That’s not all, Todd finds out that there are four super metas that were in pods too, but their whereabouts is unknown. The brief case is however recording their vitals, but the rest is secret (for now).

Crazy, right? Just what else is the ASA hiding? I’m going to take a guess and say that one of the supermetas has to be Jefferson. This could be how Tobias gets confirmation on Black Lightning‘s real identity.

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