‘The Good Place’ season finale recap: 3×12 “Pandemonium”

The Good Place season finale recap: Season 3, Episode 12, “Pandemonuim,” Aired Jan. 24, 2019
It’s The Good Place season finale already?! What the fork?

It’s time for a new experiment, and, of course, things don’t go as planned. Let me warn you now: You’ll need tissues for this one.

The Good Place season finale Janet epic speech

An epic fail

Michael, it turns out, could not pull himself together to welcome the new humans into the afterlife. I don’t think anyone was shocked when Eleanor stepped up and took over as the architect, at least as far as the new humans were concerned.

The Good Place season finale 3x12 Michael Eleanor the architect epic fail

She needed some time to get used to things, but she was able to pull it together. Chidi and I both like how the title suits her, though for different reasons. I like that she’s grown so much that she can step into Michael’s shoes, and Chidi liked that he was essentially dating his boss in secret. To each their own.

The Good Place season finale Cheleanor Chidi Eleanor

Those motherforkers

The Good Place season finale Bad Place Shawn

When the Bad Place chose the new humans, they chose the people who would be the worst for each member of the Soul Squad, including a gossip columnist who wrote scathing articles on Tahani, and Simone, Chidi’s ex.

And this led Chidi to ask Michael to erase his memory because he knew that if he remembered Simone, because he’s always super awkward, he would ruin the experiment and be the cause of everyone getting tortured for eternity. Just one snag – if Chidi’s memories of Simone got erased, his Cheleanor memories would also be erased because his Simone memories were intertwined with his Eleanor/Soul Squad memories.

“Some memories you may have forgotten”

I was not ready for that heartbreak! No!

The Good Place season finale some memoies you may have forgotten Cheleanor

Anyone else cry at the montage of Cheleanor moments Michael put together before Chidi’s reboot? They just got together, and now Chidi won’t even remember Eleanor. She is going to miss him, but he isn’t going to miss her because he won’t know her! THIS is the Bad Place!!!


A great thing about this The Good Place season finale is that it showed just how much the Soul Squad has grown over the seasons, and they truly are better people now. Tahani was able to be the bigger person with someone who wronged her in the past, and Eleanor is the new architect. And Chidi – well, he sacrificed his memory so his friends have less of a chance of being doomed to eternal torture.

It’s good to balance all that character growth with the emotional quicksand that was the Cheleanor semi-breakup.


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