‘Riverdale’ 3×10: 8 most WTF moments from “The Stranger”

What the actual fork is going on here?

Riverdale 3×10, Season 3, Episode 10, “Chapter Forty-Five: The Stranger,” Aired Jan. 23, 2019.

After an emotional return to Riverdale and a torturous week of IS ARCHIE DEAD OR NOT? – the episode to tell us the answer has finally arrived and things just aren’t getting better for any of our favorite characters. Like any episode of Riverdale, there are too many shocking moments for us to even handle, but these eight moments were definitely the points where we sat to ourselves and said WTF?

8 Most WTF Moments of Riverdale 3×10

#1 Gargoyle King Reveal – The Serpents finally managed to pull a Scooby-Doo and reveal the big bad of this season, by removing the GK mask and underneath we are most definitely surprised to see Tallboy. Tallboy was a massive guess as to who could be the Black Hood, however he wasn’t the man under that mask and waited for his moment this season. But the question is, are we convinced he really is the official Gargoyle King? Or is he pretending to be, in order to hide the King’s true identity?


#2 Betty’s Tuition Money – Will Betty Cooper ever catch a break? So far, not so much! When Betty goes to pay for her order at Pop’s, he returns with a declined card. Betty finds out that her mother, Alice, has taken the entirety of Betty’s tuition money AND whatever other money she had around, to put towards the farm and finding shelter for the patients Betty saved from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. Although this meant she had to go face to face with Hal, he did have something quite truthful to say and that was that Betty didn’t need the tuition money as much as she thought, all colleges would be lining up soon enough offering her a scholarship.

#3 Veronica Falling in to Archie’s Arms – As much as most of us want Varchie to be end-game, can we please remember that she has completely led Reggie on, only to knock him to the side as soon as her ‘Archiekins’ came back on the scene. Let the sexcapades commence. Oh and P.S – ARCHIE ISN’T DEAD!!!


#4 Students ACTUALLY at School? – Whattt? These teens actually go to school you say? GASP! We’ve not seen Archie and his gang in a classroom much for a while now, only for Betty to all of a sudden announce that their SATS are coming up. It was strange to see them back in that environment. Will these teens please stop trying to grow up so fast and allow time for some fun?


#5 Hiram Shot Down – Whether you love him or hate him, it was still a *GASP* moment when Hiram’s glass shattered and the blood begun to seep through his crisp, white shirt. With the many enemies that Hiram has gained ever since coming out prison, there are too many guesses to be made on who did the shooting. Hopefully the shooter is revealed soon!

#6 Veronica Accusing Archie of Shooting Hiram – Forget all the times your ‘daddy’ tried to have your boyfriend murdered, let’s accuse Archie of ONE shooting, after he practically had a panic attack during his SATS. Although, we also wouldn’t put it past Archie with all the hell he’s been through recently…

#7 Two Deaths in One Episode!? – Death is not a surprise when it comes to Riverdale, however with everything that happened in the latest episode, two deaths on top of that was the cherry on top of an already overwhelming episode. So, who killed Claudius and why?

#8 Sheriff Jones – The biggest WTF moment of them has arrived and boy, oh boy, was we excited about this one! Hermione and FP come together to announce that ‘it’s time’, although at this point we would’ve guessed anything other than what we actually got. After Fangs accidentally murdered Tallboy whilst defending himself and trying to stop him escaping, Jughead announces a party… (WTF?) to cover up the recent death – however, what will happen now our new Sheriff in town is the one and only, FP Jones? Will he be bias to the crimes committed in Riverdale? He’s already made it incredibly clear that the laws are about to change and we are ready to see what he does for the town and the people we love in it.


What did you think about this episode? Is Tallboy really the Gargoyle King? Will FP Jones make Riverdale a better and safer place? Leave your comments below and tell us your thoughts!

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