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‘A Podcast Remembers’ Episode 5: Who were the Andals and the Rhoynar?

Say what? The Rhoynar had their own magic before Valyrians defeated them

‘A Podcast Remembers’ Episode 5: Who were the Andals and the Rhoynar?

This podcast is hosted by Eric and Liz Prugh. The two are married and use drinking wine and talking about Game of Thrones as their date night. Because of the TV series’ insanely long hiatus, the pair look back at some of the most intricate storylines, characters, and myths in the world of Westeros. Tune in as this geeky couple breaks down the mythologies and theories surrounding George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones series.

A Podcast Remembers is back with a new episode! This week we’re diving into the history behind two of the major ethic groups in Westeros, the Andals and the Rhoynar. Last week we discussed how the First Men were influenced by the Andals after they migrated west during the Valyrian Freehold expansion into Essos. What’s more exciting is how the Rhoynar resisted the Valyrians… and the magic they used. (Yep, dragons aren’t the only magic elements in the World of Ice and Fire.)

In this podcast, we break down the following about the Andals, the Rhoynar (and water magic):

  • How the Andals brought the Faith of the Seven to Westeros and how powerful the Faith used to be before the Targaryen takeover;
  • The water magic the Rhoynar used to fight the Valyarians, and how the famous Rhoynish Prince Garin cursed the Valyrians to “The Doom”;
  • Details on the Rhoynish Princess Nymeria that fled Essos to Dorne, battled and defeated Kings, and wed into the ancient Martel family;
  • How this history influences the characters in “present-day” Game of Thrones;
  • and more expert theories.

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Featured image: Game of Thrones


Liz Prugh

Liz is the co-founder of PureFandom.com. She loves geeking out over any and all sci-fi/fantasy and always thinks vampires are cool. You can currently find her co-hosting the Pure Fandom Podcast and writing about pop culture. Nerd out with her on Twitter @lizprugh.

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