‘Deadly Class’ recap: Episode 2, “Noise, Noise, Noise”

Marcus passes his first test.

Deadly Class season 1 episode 2, “Noise, Noise, Noise,” aired 23 January 2019.

“Hating what’s wrong is easy. I’m going to do something about it.”

Back to school

After a successful murder assignment, Willie is taking all the credit, telling everyone how he smashed a murderer’s face in and burned the body. While he gets all the glory, Marcus gets all the guilt, seeing hallucinations of Rory everywhere. Though he certainly puts up a believable facade.

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Since no one else fulfilled Master Lin’s assignment, they get a pop quiz. Trapped in a room and subject to poisonous gas, they are given a riddle to solve. If they can make it to the botanical classroom and have the right answer, they’ll get the antidote.

Marcus’s skills of lock-picking get them through the first obstacle, while Saya’s fighting skills and smarts get them past the second. But by the time they get to the classroom, they all start collapsing. Marcus thinks about the riddle: “I’m alive without breath, cold as death, I’m never thirsty but always drinking, what am I?”

Correctly, he guesses a fish, finding the antidote with that symbol. Though, before he can reach it, Chico knocks him down, right before collapsing himself. Nice going.

Thankfully, Maria is able to pull herself up and reach the antidote. She puts it in everyone’s mouths, saving them. When she gets to Chico, dying beneath her, she considers just letting it happen. Too terrified of what might happen if it doesn’t work, she gives in and saves him too.

Social studies

After that oh so fun class project, they have lunch. A student, Shab, is campaigning for class president. Viktor picks on him, and Marcus helps him out, feeling sorry.

Shab takes the kindness as an invitation and sits at the outcasts’ table. It’s not a full loss though, as Marcus and Billy convince him to have a party at his house while his dad’s away.

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Turns out Maria and Saya are roomies, and they bond over talking about Marcus. They’re getting ready for the party, but then Chico comes and ruins the good mood. He says he’s taking Maria out.

Party time

At the party, Marcus immediately goes in search of weed, anything to get murder off his mind. Billy’s apparently got a huge crush on Petra, and wants to use the party as an opportunity to tell her. Saya gives him a nice pep talk, but Lex is no help, obnoxiously causing trouble wherever he goes.

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Marcus gets locked in the bathroom with Saya, but when she tries to kiss him, he says no, saying she’s drunk. He’s still worked up, so he starts purposely provoking people, calling Willie a fraud in front of everyone. Lucky for Marcus, Willie likes him, so instead of having his friends beat him up, they go outside to talk.

Willie tells where he got his reputation. This scene, like in the first episode with Marcus’s parents’ death, is entirely hand-drawn, comic book style. If this is going to be a thing going forward, one scene per episode, I’m here for it.

When Willie was a kid, his father made some enemies, so they went into lockdown. One Saturday, they found them, but Willie’s dad’s gun was all the way across the room, on the table next to Willie. Desperate, he told him to take it and shoot them, and so he did.

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Being a small kid holding a huge  gun, Willie had no control over it. By accident, Willie shot his father through the back of the head, killing him. His mother framed the scene, saying Willie killed all those men to get back at them for killing his dad, but she knows the truth.

After that, Willie swore never to be a killer, so now he needs Marcus’s help keeping his secret. Billy finally gets his chance to talk to Petra, and he tells her that he’s in love with her. I guess that scared her, because then she went and took Viktor upstairs, pretending to hook up so Billy wouldn’t follow. Sorry, buddy.

Lex goes crazy, taunting everyone, and ruining Shab’s house. To make matters worse, the cops show up, and they recognize Marcus. Thankfully, Willie gets him out of there.

Date night

While all her friends are partying, Maria’s stuck in a nice restaurant with Chico. He doesn’t want her to have friends, planning to take over his father’s crime empire, with Maria by his side. While there, an old friend of his, Emilio, shows up and joins them.

They all leave and get in Chico’s car, and Maria thinks they’re going somewhere else to party. Instead, Chico shoots Emilio between they eyes, a job from his father. Now covered in blood and sitting next to a dead body, Chico decides to have a talk with Maria.

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He tells Maria he knows she tried to get Marcus to kill him. Chico still plans to marry her, so he won’t kill her. Though, if she tries anything like that again, with what he’ll do, she’ll wish he had.

Pay your last respects

The next morning, Master Lin takes Marcus on a little field trip. It’s Rory’s funeral, and he knows it was Marcus who killed him. Master Lin pushes him to say something over the grave.

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Finally facing what he’s done, Marcus comes to terms with his act of killing, deeming Rory deserving of it. Returning to school, Marcus gets his permanent roommate, Shab. Master Lin then meets with Saya, impressed with Marcus, but he knows she’s not telling him something.

She admits to him that Marcus did not kill the people at the boy’s home. Incredulous, he questions, “If he didn’t kill them, who did?”

Marcus’s old roommate

Thankfully, we don’t have to wait until next week to see. In a petting zoo, a guy is, lets just say, doing something really improper with a goat. A police officer comes in and unknowingly steps right into his trap, and with the pull of a rope, a bunch of bricks fall on top of him.

Image: SYFY

With a creepy smile, half-burned body and face, and a mullet, this guy’s something out of a nightmare. Worse than that, he reveals why he needs a police officer. He wants to find the person who burned down the boy’s home, his old roommate: Marcus. You can bet he doesn’t have any good plans for him.

Season one of Deadly Class airs on SYFY, Wednesdays at 10PM.

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