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‘Supergirl’ recap: 4×10 “Secrets and Lies”

Supergirl recap: Season 4, Episode 10, “Secrets and Lies” Aired January 20, 2019.

Welcome back, Superfans! Our days of withdrawal have ended! Supergirl is back. Let’s take a look at the top 5 moments of this week’s episode.

5. Nia Nal, Superhero


This episode was full of feels and cuteness. The cuteness started, as it often does with Brainy. Brainy calls Nia and rambles about food. It takes her a solid minute to realize that he is asking her to dinner.

She says, yes and he hangs up. Nia sits confused and calls him back.

“Brainy we didn’t actually set a date or time.”

“Oh, yes that’s right.”

Cue the chuckles. This scene was filled with adorableness. While at dinner we find out Brainy asked her here to join Kara as a superhero. Nia thought it was a date. We all did Nia, we all did. She turns him down!

4. J’onn Jonnz, Private I.


J’onn pretty much roamed around the first half of the season. Seriously, what did he do? After helping a few aliens find some people, he realized his calling. He opened up his own P.I. firm this week.

This is really exciting for a variety of reasons.

  1. J’onn will have his own storylines separate from Supergirl.
  2. He and Kara can work together, now that both of them are out of the DEO and can do as they please.
  3. He has a renewed sense of purpose.

Supergirl is his first client. He helps her find the invisible aliens known as the Morai. They must track down three of them that are after, Colonel Hayley.

3. Colonel Hayley, Interrogator


Colonel Hayley, so many words not enough time. At first I thought, okay she is strict but fair. Then, I thought she is mean and stubborn. Both I can support. Instead, I’ve decided she is shady. Here is what this nutty lady got into.

  • She begins to interrogate the entire staff.
  • She was apart of a cover up.
  • Her group took the Morai children and trained them to be soldiers.

When the world found out about the President the government wanted the Morai project to be destroyed. Her old team tried to kill them. Now the Morai are after what is left of the team, including her.

2. Morai, The Victims


Brainy develops a plan to fight the invisible aliens. The DEO lines their security with lasers and he brings a paintball gun with glowing balls. Yes, that is right, lasers and paintballs. This is what happens when Supergirl is around.

Surprisingly, this works for one of the Morai. Supergirl, in typical fashion saves Colonel Hayley even though the Colonel is against her. This is why Kara is such a good hero, she even saves people she doesn’t like! All other heroes need to learn from her.

The Morai are defeated.

1. Forgotten Memories


This is not the top moment I wanted. It isn’t number one, because it is happy. It is a very sad moment. Colonel Hayley refuses to stop her quest to find out Supergirl’s secret identity. The agents at the DEO that know who Kara is agree to let J’onn wipe their memory, so they don’t break under her interrogation.

To the whole audience’s dismay, this includes Alex. Alex determines the only way to keep her sister safe is to have J’onn erase her own memory. This means Alex will still know that Kara is her sister, she just won’t know she is Supergirl.

Has your heart shattered? Join the club. We don’t know why the writers made this decision. All we know is, next week is going to be a heartbreaking episode. Let’s all mentally prep and pass out hugs as needed. Get your tissues ready.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you agree with Alex’s decision? How do you think this will effect their relationship? Sound off in the comments!

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