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We're excited for more Charmed!

Charmed is back with new episodes, and despite some highs and lows, Charmed has proved to be a fun, feminist, and thoughtful show that should not be dismissed. There’s a lot of wonderful things about the reboot, and I’m excited for what’s to come. Here’s five things we want to see more of in the rest of Charmed’s first season.

#1 Harry


One of the most pleasant surprises of Charmed has been how much I’ve loved Harry. As the Charmed Ones Whitelighter he’s tasked with helping and protecting them, and in just nine episodes he’s become an integral part of their family. He’s endeared himself to viewers and to the sisters by providing guidance, humor and food as needed.

Harry’s yearning for a family and a sense of belonging stems from the fact that he can’t remember his human life. I’m fascinated to see what we will discover about Harry’s death and how he ended up as a Whitelighter.

#2 Sisterhood


The Charmed reboot has succeeded at showcasing the bonds between Mel, Maggie and Macy. The decision to make Macy, the oldest, meet her sisters in the pilot was not one I was originally a fan of. Yet, Charmed has managed to create interesting conflict out of the budding relationship between Macy and her sisters. Basically, I’m loving the different dynamics between the three sisters and want all the sisterly bonding I can get.

#3 Macy’s backstory


The most interesting mystery Charmed has setup so far is the question as to why Marisol abandoned Macy when she was a baby. Not only that, but Marisol kept her existence a secret from her other daughters. Plus, the bad guys really want her blood, all of which points to a lot of heartbreak in Macy’s future.

Charmed has hinted that Macy has darkness inside her, but hasn’t established what that means, is there a future where Macy has to fight her sisters?

#4 Romance


Bring Niko back. That’s all.

I’m kidding (mostly).

With Niko and Mel, Charmed gave up an amazing LGBTQ couple and a romance that had us rooting from them since day one….and then they took it all away. In order to protect Niko, Mel rewrote history so the two never met and I’m still not over it.

Part of me still hopes Niko and Mel find their way back to each other. But I also have to admit I don’t hate all the flirting between Mel and Jada, the whitelighter-witch who recruited Mel into the Sisters of Arcana.


Then there’s Maggie, who despite being able to read people’s minds missed the fact her boyfriend is half-demon. I wasn’t sure how I felt about Parker and Maggie, but now I’m totally shipping them. Parker might be half-demon whose human side is killing him, but he clearly cares deeply for Maggie and he did send his brother to hell for her. They’re the definition of star-crossed, and I can’t resist.



The only romance that isn’t quite working for me is Macy and Galvin. I like Galvin, but I’m not feeling the chemistry between the two. Still, I’m hoping the writers are able to change my mind because Macy deserves all the love and happiness.

#5 Magic and Worldbuilding


I admit that I still have questions about the way magic works in this universe, so I’m excited for Charmed to dive into its mythology more. This is one aspect I’m constantly comparing Charmed to the original, even as I know it has a different approach.

As we learn more about the Sisters of Arcana and the Elders the world of Charmed will become more clear. My last request it for Macy, Maggie and Mel learn to continue to learn more about their own powers.

Are you excited for more Charmed? What are you looking forward to in the rest of the season?

Catch new episodes of Charmed Sundays 9/8c on the CW!  


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