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‘Arrow’ recap: 7×10 “My Name is Emiko Queen”

Arrow recap: Season 7, Episode 10, “My Name is Emiko Queen” Aired Jan. 21, 2019

You almost believe that Robert Queen is that Emo Peter Parker meme from Spider Man 3. Remember the scene where Peter is walking down the street, and all the ladies are positively swooning over his straightened black greasy hair and subtle guyliner? Yeah, me too. But back to the important questions: Is Robert Queen the Emo Peter Parker of Arrow?

Just no f*cks to give, living his best life… then all the sudden a rush of self-loathing and regret washes over him when after bedding his fiftieth mistress and making some unethical business decisions he decides, “I know! I’ll lay an impossible burden on my children, permanently scarring them no less, and subsequently not have to deal with any of my sh*t!” Ah, got to love the unrelenting logic and privilege of the 1%.

Meanwhile Moira Queen:

burning love GIF

In case you didn’t know, her name is Emiko Queen and you better not forget it!

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Emiko Queen has a strategically placed voice over, an abandoned hideaway, a book of names, a bow with arrows, and a parent to do right by. And quite honestly I’m here for it.

Keep your gasps below a whisper, we all fell in love with season 1 Oliver Queen, and I’m prepared to love Emiko almost as much. Here’s to hoping she doesn’t disappoint.

But to recap: Robert Queen had a secret second family that he abandoned, we don’t know how Emiko is a crime fighting badass yet, and she is avenging her murdered mother all with the help of her trusty side-kick, Rene!

Oliver Queen broods in a sea of parental disappointment and Felicity Smoak is loving herself

Oliver finds out about another one of his father’s affairs and the child that came out of it. He’s understandably crushed and classically brooding about this revelation. Robert and Moira Queen were something else, let me just say. Love those two.

Felicity is helping Oliver deal with this news, while being her usual delight. I love how throughout the episode she is noting all the ways in which she is awesome. She’s all like “I’m a genius” and “look at me figure out this super complicated security system, I rock!” We stan.

But amongst Felicity’s delight over her personal accomplishments, she’s there for Oliver while he has his “my parents are dead lying liars” feelings. She encourages him to be better than his father, because he is better, and try to develop a relationship with Emiko.

Side note: Also, got to give a shout out to that earnest “what do you want to do?” My OTP never fails me. It’s episodes like these that really capture the essence of Olicity. It’s quiet, and not in your face, but it’s always there. The yin and the yang.

John Diggle is in time out until further notice

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WTF, JOHN! Seriously? I smell BETRAYAL! Letting Diaz out for this Dante painting I still don’t understand? Luckily, Lyla was there being super salty and calling him out, love her.

I just don’t know what to say to you, Diggle. Truly. Go to time out.

Make Star City Great Again! And if that fails, blow it up!

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Rene (in the future) is the mayor of The Glades and he’s working with an evil dude that wants to blow up Star City. Also, it appears everyone had a pretty nasty falling out, and Felicity was “killed” because she was getting close to stopping him. And everyone who is in their fifties, looks in their seventies.

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P.S.: Do you think Moira and Robert used to lay in bed at night and one of them would turn over, stone-faced, and say “I’m having an affair” and the other will respond, “so am I,” and rest of the night is spent in an intense staring contest that they both win? Because me neither.

Arrow is all new, Mondays, at 8 PM on The CW.


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