‘Manifest’ 1×12 recap: “Vanishing Point”

Manifest recap: Season 1, Episode 12, “Vanishing Point,” aired Jan. 21, 2019.

The search for Cal is on, but it won’t all be seamless. It never is though. We get some team-ups, some redemption (?) and so much more. Let’s dig in!

Where’s Cal?

The police are hot on the scene, asking reasons why Cal would have run away. Meanwhile, Michaela takes it upon herself to go to Autumn because that chick is SHADY. Michaela is right not to trust her; I know I don’t. However, she rushes to the house when Olive calls her, telling her the police are pointing fingers at Ben for his disappearance. Stop blaming Ben Stone 2k19.

Ben finally confides in Grace about Cal’s drawings and the voices he hears. It’s about dang time she listens to him about the fallout from the flight. I’m glad she’s slowly coming to terms with it. Also, Cal drawing them before it even happened is crazy AF, you guys! I still think Grace should have been more willing to listen before stuff hit the fan.

Jared then comes swooping in to tell the police that Cal has been found. His plan is to set them off the track so Team 828 can find Cal themselves. Go team! Spoke too soon…are they really going to use Danny’s truck? I sense some awkward times ahead. Yep, you guys, he’s an outdoorsy fella.

The search is so on

Michaela questions Autumn, pointing out the irony of her showing up when Cal was with Michaela. Yeah, seems pretty fishy to me too. That can’t be coincidental at all. Autumn may want to turn over a new leaf, but when it comes to, she’s playing for the bad side.

Turns out, Autumn had a child who was a toddler before she went missing. Thus concluding the Major is holding her child as leverage. In turn, Autumn is selling out another child which is totally not cool. Michaela is adamant to have Autumn see the other side, but I don’t think she will. She only cares about what happens to her and not the other passengers.


We’re Team Ben…and Michaela

Things are getting a little heated between Grace and Ben while searching for Cal. Grace is quick to accuse Ben of accusing her of Cal’s disappearance. Follow that? I don’t want to blame either of them because obviously, this is some crazy stuff out of anyone’s control. One thing for sure, I do NOT blame Ben. Also, I kind of blame Grace…

Okay, Michaela is such a great character. She still gives Autumn the benefit of the doubt even after everything that she’s done. However, Michaela understands her predicament and what Autumn is going through with coming back to nobody. Honestly, Michaela is the female character we need on TV.

She also gets a new kind of calling…of sorts. Instead of voices inside her head, she’s engulfed in a flurry of snow. But just she is; it’s as sunny as it can be outside. Now that’s something to look into. I am intrigued.

Oh, hi, Major

The Major has been revealed! I have no idea who she is or what her plan is, but one thing for sure is I don’t trust her. She’s up to no good, as the rest of you probably know. I’m interested to learn more about this clearly suspicious character.

Woah…we also get a Grace apology. It’s about dang time; she has been completely unfair to Ben about everything that has been happening. I hope this doesn’t mean they’re getting back together. Does this make me a bad person? Clearly, they have both grown their separate ways.

Another clue: the man Cal was waiting for in the cabin is the same man Michaela has been seeing in her visions. Does this make Cal and Michaela’s callings or whatever interconnected? There’s got to be something there that connects both aunt and nephew. The man even knows her name. Now this is some mysterious happenings. AND HE’S STUCK IN THE PAST TOO!?!?!?! WHAT THE WHAT.

Madeline’s musings

  • Grace needs to, like, stop blaming Ben for everything. Let’s just blame her for everything. You spilled your coffee on your blouse? GRACE. You got a flat tire on the way to work? GRACE. You get it.
  • Olive’s style is on point.
  • I still don’t trust Autumn.
  • I need to know who this Major is right now. Who is it?!
  • What a throwback — Grace and Ben using an actual map to get directions.
  • More Saanvi, please and thank you.
  • Also, I am pretty sure that the cabin they are in was the same cabin OUAT was filmed in during s4.
  • Anyone else shipping Zeke and Michaela? No. Just me?

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