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#ShadowhuntersPosterChallenge Part 1: Amazing art by fans

First up, posters focusing on the general cast

Spoiler warning: This #ShadowhuntersPosterChallenge discusses events leading up to the newest season!

When a passionate fanbase decides to show love and dedication for their favorite TV series, wild things happen. Only a couple of days into the New Year, the Shadowfam have launched their latest plan of action to get their inclusive, award-winning show some much-needed promotion before the second half of season three airs on 25 February. The results will blow your mind!

How did the #ShadowhuntersPosterChallenge start?

After the show’s network Freeform posted its promo poster, a collage consisting of older pictures, fans decided to put their collective creative mind to work and come up with their own posters. And… ta-da: The #ShadowhuntersPosterChallenge was born!

Twitter screenshot

Pretty impressive: In less than 10 days’ time, the hashtag #ShadowhuntersPosterChallenge has been tweeted around 800 times. Fans had a blast creating their own promo posters—and half the fun was sharing it all with the fandom.

The idea: Highlighting the creativity of the fandom

We here at Pure Fandom thought it would be a great idea to show and share all the creativity that is giving us so many intense fandom feels! But how to choose? Just to be clear: All of the posters out there are amazing works of art and deserve recognition! Obviously, we had to make some tough choices as we only have limited space available. So if your poster wasn’t picked, don’t feel bad. It is in no way a reflection of your talent!

Part 1: Promotion posters focusing on the general cast

Because there are hundreds of posters out there, we decided to turn this article into a little series in which we will share a new post, with more artwork, every day! This part will focus on posters including the general cast. We’ll leave the posters to speak for themselves. Hope you’ll enjoy our selection!

New York in the background


Fooling around with the idea of heaven and hell/Edom



Other cool ideas




Honorary mention

This was posted as 3b promotion way before the #ShadowhuntersPosterChallenge and it is such a cool idea we just had to include it. @IconicNephilim has created a lot of visual fandom goodness and this is just one sample of his work.


Did you like what you saw and want to check out more? We’ve got you! The next part of our #ShadowhuntersPosterChallenge series will focus on Clary, Jace and Clace! For way more Shadowhunters posters than we can feature here, head over to Twitter.

Featured image source: @KiriHerondale


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