‘Arrow’: What ships do we want to see sailing?

There's more love to go around

When Diggle and Lyla catch our attentions as the Mr. and Mrs. Smith of Arrow, I am an extremely happy camper. When babies are erased (forever bitter) and Lyla disappears into an ARGUS blackhole, I become less happy to be camping. My crankiness especially doesn’t subdue when whenever we do see Dyla together they continue to have the same fight about morality.

The point is, I love Diggle and Lyla, and hope we see more of them. I hope for more badass Mr. and Mrs. Smith moments, and some tranquil domesticity. And even though I want to see these things for Dyla, I think it still couldn’t hurt if Arrow experimented with some new romances.

Before you say it, Olicity need not apply. They are perfect and untouchable. In fact, part of the reason why Arrow should spice it up in the new romance department is because of how untouchable they are. Because, A) who will fill the will-they-won’t-they gap? (The two ships we have on this show are married), B) I want Oliver and Felicity to gossip about any potential romance happenings while simultaneously giving their hottest takes, and C) I want people going to them for advice.

Arrow has thankfully recognized that there is still good storylines and drama in a marriage, and WE LIVE FOR OLICITY. However, why not share the love? Maybe it will make some other characters more tolerable, and we are on season 7, it’s time.

But who should we ship?

This is a tough question because quite frankly, every one else is varying degrees of annoying. With that in mind, let’s just work with what we got, okay?

I think our best bet in present day is Emiko Queen and Dinah Drake

Listen, I realize we haven’t actually seen any scenes between them, and have no idea if they have any chemistry. But just the idea of their potential ship has me excited. We also cannot ignore the fact that it will check off a Green Arrow and Black Canary romance.

THIS IS THE GREEN ARROW AND BLACK CANARY I WANT TO SEE! Two women, fighting crime together, and in love. (Reminds me of another ship that should happen *cough*Supercorp*cough*) It would be so good. Don’t deny your intrigued.

This next potential ship requires me to make A LOT of assumptions.

In the future, Mia (Queen) and JJ Diggle

Assumption 1: That Mia is Oliver and Felicity’s daughter in the future

Assumption 2: JJ Diggle and will appear in the flash forwards

But the daughter of Olicity and the son of Dyla… together? Come on. That union is like two royal families merging a kingdom. Priceless.

William with… anybody

We have present day William and future William, and personally, I would like to see a romance with present day William. Young love, it’s so pure. Selfishly, I want Olicity talk to him about his sexuality and work together in this parenting moment. I want Oliver and Felicity to parent, okay?

Is there any potential ships we’re missing? Let us know on Twitter @Pure_Fandom and @lynsneill and we will be happy to break it down!

Arrow returns Monday, January 21, at 8 PM on The CW.



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