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‘Supernatural’ 14×10 recap: “Nihilism”

It always boils down to Daddy issues on this show.

Supernatural 14×10 recap: Season 14, Episode 10, “Nihilism,” Aired Jan. 17, 2019

We are back! Dean, Sam, Cas and Jack are back – well, maybe just Sam, Cas and Jack. Dean has been taken over by Michael and Michael is ready to unleash his monsters on the world. What Michael doesn’t know is that Dean’s peeps are not going to let him go without a fight. Let’s break it all down!

Rocky’s Bar. We open with Dean tending bar – erm, okay He is quickly joined by Pamela, a psychic from seasons past who died helping them all those years ago. It’s definitely not reality and the storm outside of the bar is clearly unnatural – or an angel thing.

Michael in chains. Cas is able to slap some cuffs on Michael, but it’s not really going to hold him for long while his monsters attack the city. It’s not great, guys. Not great.

Reaper. Sam calls to his Reaper “friend” and she is able to get them out of the jam by zapping them to the bunker – but it wasn’t her. It was Billie! She saved them (more on that in a few)!


Jack. While everyone is scrambling to figure out a plan, Jack is left to guard Michael. It’s obviously a terrible idea, because Michael tries to get in his head – and it works. But we all know that Dean loves Jack, despite what Michael tries to rattle Jack with.

Castiel. When Cas sends Jack off to help Sam, Michael sets his sights on Cas. They start talking about why Michael is doing what he’s doing. This is basically all because he is seeking attention from his pops. God is a writer and he just keeps popping out drafts of worlds and Michael is sick of being left in the rear view mirror of Daddy’s projects.

Monsters. The monsters change course and head to the bunker, per Michael’s command. The baby hunters do their best to protect the bunker, but there are so many. They break in, but Jack zaps them. It causes Cas lots of worry because it burns up a little of Jack’s soul and we alllll know how Sam was without a soul.


Dean’s mind. Cas and Sam go into Dean’s mind to save him and realize that he isn’t traumatized, he is in his happy place. Cas scans the bad memories, then the good. And then they stumble on the one memory that isn’t a memory – the bar that serves an IPA from Austin (wink, wink)!

He remembers. Finally, Sam is able to get through to Dean using Pamela. He is able to remind Dean about Pamela’s blindness, and then her death. After that, he’s able to get him to remember everything. Cue the Michael/Dean fight!

The cage. Dean, Cas and Sam are able to fight Michael off inside of Dean’s mind. They lock him in the cooler in the bar – in Dean’s mind. It’s all very complicated sounding, but Dean’s back so we are happy.

Billie’s back. As Dean tries to move on with Michael locked away in his brain, Billie shows up. She tells him that all of the books detailing Dean’s possible deaths have been changed. They all end the same now, with Michael escaping and burning the world. All but one. WHAT IS IT?


Deju vu. This entire possession, locked away, rescue story felt a little like the deja vu Dean was living in his mind prison, until this moment. This twist makes this often used story a million times more intriguing! What is the one ending that is different?

Theory. We have a theory! What if the only other death option is the Lucifer/Michael face-off that the world was “robbed” off all those years ago? And what if it’s Sam (possessed by Lucifer) in DETROIT! It would be a very satisfying callback to the Season 5 prophecy that never came to pass. And #drama!

What did you think of this episode? What do you think the alternate death option is? Hit the comments and let us know! 

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