‘Gotham’ recap: 5×03 “Penguin, Our Hero”

Gotham recap: Season 5, Episode 3, “Penguin, Our Hero,” Aired Jan. 17, 2019
I cannot think of a better way to begin an episode called “Penguin, Our Hero” than by a choir singing those very words as Oswald walked down his grand staircase for breakfast. And I also can’t get enough of Edward, the dog.

“Penguin, Our Hero” was a nicely written episode full of really great, funny lines. Even in the middle of a gunfight, I was laughing at one-liners and sarcasm. Plus, we were largely focused on two plotlines, rather than four, and I appreciated that. So with all that, let’s dive in.


Gotham 5x03 Penguin, Our Hero Oswald Cobblepot Robin Lord Taylor

Despite the episode title being “Penguin, Our Hero” and Oswald’s own personal choir singing a song of the same name, Penguin has some competition in the hero department in the form of Jim Gordon. When word of a safe neighborhood called Haven spread, refugees fled from all over Gotham to go there, including Oswald’s staff, who  crossed the line when they took Edward (the dog) with them. Too far, guys.

Gotham 5x03 Penguin, Our Hero Oswald Cobblepot Edward the dog

When Penguin went after his team and his dog at Haven, he backed Jim into a corner, forcing him to relinquish control of Haven. However, Penguin’s reign over Haven didn’t last long, as the gang members he was working with quickly turned on him.

Forced to work with Jim, the two escaped imprisonment and gunned down the gang members wreaking havoc on Haven. By the end of the episode, he really was “Penguin, Our Hero,” and the people chanted his name. And, yes, he got Edward back.

“I was hoping I could count on you”

Feeling better than ever, minus some nightmares of being shot, Selina made it her mission to go after Jeremiah. Bruce, the protective boyfriend, joined her fight, determined to catch the man and have him stand trial for what he did to Gotham.

Gotham 5x03 Penguin, Our Hero BatCat Selina Kyle Catwoman Bruce Wayne

Selina, though, wanted Jeremiah dead for what he did. It appears that Ivy’s cure left Selina a tad prone to aggression, and the people she fought ended up on the losing end of that urge. This, however, made for a nice BatCat tag team moment where Bruce kept her from going too far. But what will happen if Bruce isn’t there to stop her?


Rumor had it Jeremiah was hiding out in the Dark Zone. Despite a warning that everyone there is insane and Jeremiah would be the least of their worries, BatCat headed into the zone to go after the man himself.

Gotham 5x03 Ecco The Church of Jeremiah Valeska Harley Quinn

They ended up at the Church of Jeremiah Valeska, led by Ecco. Selina, only concerned with confronting Jeremiah and killing him, joined a group of his followers into a Russian roulette-esque test to prove the most faithful follower.

Since Selina was unwilling to die in Jeremiah’s faith test, she and Ecco got into a pretty epic fight, leaving Selina injured but still kicking. She is going to go after Jeremiah if it kills her.


With Barbara so close to killing Penguin and Haven getting destroyed all in one moment, it’s looking like Penguin’s alliance with Jim might just last another episode. Meanwhile, Selina will probably be more determined than ever to kill Jeremiah. Plus, I know we haven’t seen the last of Ecco, so I’m hoping to get more of her soon. Oh, and The Riddler is still lurking somewhere. Until next week…

Gotham 5x03 Penguin, Our Hero Edward the dog Penguin's puppy

Next week:

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