‘Good Trouble’ 1×02 recap: “The Coterie”

The Coterie throws a party!

Good Trouble episode 1×02, “The Coterie,” Aired January 15, 2019 

The Coterie throws a party! Everyone gets wasted, dances and has a blast…for a while anyway.

Callie’s Work Cave

Callie’s focused on work and won’t join Mariana at the party. Refusing to accept this, Mariana sneakily invites Jude to stop by!

Yes, in our first visit from the Adams Foster family, Jude comes to hang out or more accurately, to party with his sisters. He is very tall now, in case you were wondering. Jude gets Callie to join the party, and join the party she does.


Callie gets drunk and in the process forgets her phone in the bathroom and misses a call from Judge Wilson.  Jamal Thompson’s mom has filed a motion because she’s afraid the police are about to destroy evidence related to her son’s case. Basically, big things are happening and Callie’s doing shots with Gael instead of showing up to work.

Good Trouble The Coterie

Callie finds out about the motion from twitter and immediately realizes she messed up and frantically searches for her phone. She’s even more upset when Mariana admits she’s had it for a while and kept it from her.

Callie wants to go in to work, but Jude and Mariana rightly point out that she can’t show up to work in her current drunken state. By the time she texts back her co-workers, Rebecca has written the bench memo without her.

Also not good, Malika’s been telling her friends that Callie is clerking Jamal’s case. There’s no way this doesn’t lead to further complications at work for Callie.


Mariana and the Bro-Holes

By the end of the episode Callie is not the only freaking out about her job.  Mariana’s attempts to get along with her co-workers have failed so far. Mariana’s party mood is ruined when she realizes her teammates ditched her party for laser tag.

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Davia calls Mariana’s boss an asshole on Instagram Live and he sees it. Mariana spends the rest of the night trying to apologize for her friend’s words. She texts and calls Alex, and when that doesn’t work, she leaves him a million voicemails, each a little bit more desperate than the one before. Spoiler alert: she doesn’t hear back from Alex.

Gael’s Bi, So What?

As we discovered in the final moments of the pilot, Gael is bisexual. Callie  spends most of the episode avoiding Gael and trying to make sense of this revelation about his sexuality. She tries to talk to Jude about it, but that conversation does not go well.

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It’s not until Mariana clears the air and tells Jude that Callie’s questions have to do with her and not him, that Jude and Callie are able to have an honest conversation about bisexuality. Based on their background, Mariana and Callie should be more accepting than most, and yet they’re still faced with prejudices they need to work through.

To complicate matters, Bryan, the guy Gael is hooking up with is also at the party. Bryan’s appearance is short but memorable, he knows Gael likes Callie, but he isn’t about to give him up to this pretty new girl.


At the rooftop, Gael and Callie talk and she confesses she saw him having sex with Bryan. Gael is nervous about how she’ll respond to his sexuality since it’s been a deal breaker before. He also makes it clear he’s still into her. Callie says she’s still interested, and that Mariana’s fine with it.

At the very end of the night, after everyone has apologized and sobered up, Callie gets down to her undies and jumps into the pool. Who goes in after her? Gael, of course. And so we end the episode, with Callie and Gael making out underwater. It’s clearly back on between these two.


The Coterie = lots of drama

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The rest of the residents of The Coterie are not exempt from drama at the party. Malika’s brother stops by, there’s a lot of tension between them because she was the one who called CPS on their mother when they were kids. They ended up in the foster system and got split up. It’s interesting to see the show explore a different type of fostering situation than the one Jude and Callie had.

Alice, also has a bad night. Her best friend Sumi is also her ex-girlfriend. Sumi gets engaged by the end of the episode and asks Alice to be her maid of honor. Alice is very much still in love with Sumi so it’s a devastating moment for her.

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