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‘The Flash’ recap: 5×10 “The Flash and the Furious”

Nora has a lesson she needs to learn fast.

The Flash season 5 episode 10, “The Flash and the Furious”, aired 15 January 2019.

Winter break is over – The Flash is back! Man, where has time gone?

The trials of Nora

This week served as a test of character for Nora. First, we see her confronting Eobard Thawne in prison in 2049. Eobard has had a lot of time to reflect on his former obsession with Barry, and has seemingly come to terms with his failure to stop the Flash. He points out that he has (or had) one thing in common with Nora: wanting to be the Flash. He tells Nora he still wants to help her with an unspecified issue. Nora says she doesn’t trust or need him any more, since he withheld his murder of Nora Sr. This seems to hurt Eobard.

Then, Nora has to fill Barry’s shoes both as speedster and CSI. Barry is hit by unstable dark energy while chasing a new carjacking villain wielding a meta-car key. This causes him to be unable to control his phasing, so he has to lock himself in the pipeline.

the flash
image: the CW

Nora – in place of Barry – testifies at the trial of Joss Jackham, aka Weather Witch. Cecile, back to work as the prosecution, senses Joss’ remorse in court, and decides to pursue a lighter sentence so Joss will not end up an eternal convict like her father. Nora disagrees with this decision. She doesn’t think criminals can change. Anyway, Joss concedes in court and accepts maximum sentence for her actions. Thus paints the backdrop for the rest of the hour.

Turning over

The meta-carjacker, former military pilot and mechanic Raya Van Zandt, intercepts Joss’ transport on the way to prison. She needs Joss’ aid to break into ARGUS. However, Joss is adamant about serving her sentence. Raya lets her go, but tells her that people have already judged her as a criminal.

Joss tries to turn herself in, but Nora catches her first. Nora directly tells Joss she doesn’t believe in her wish to turn over a new leaf, and brings her back to CCPD, announcing that Joss “escaped”.

Meanwhile, Iris pulls Raya’s military record and finds she was a scapegoat for a failed military mission, with no prior connections to Joss. Faced with this information, Nora talks to Barry about whether criminals can change for the better. Barry cites Leonard Snart as an example. Nora then asks if the same applies to Eobard, to which Barry admits that as much as he hates Thawne, he has to believe it is possible.

Of course, by this time Raya has broken Joss out again. This time, Weather Witch embraces her ‘criminal’ label. I have to say, Reina Hardesty (Jackham) had a better performance this time round after her hammy first appearance.

Raya breaks ito ARGUS to steal…a car. Okay, it is a super stealth car that can phase and turn invisible, oh, and it’s manufacturer is Wayne Tech. But with that “scapegoat” backstory, I was expecting her to have bigger ambitions than a joyride.

Icy relationships

Nora hooks up to the car’s radio to apologise to Joss, and ask for the exact thing she denied Joss – a second chance. Joss stealthily ices up the road so Raya loses control of the vehicle and not run Nora over. However, she still lightning-ports away with Raya. I don’t think this is the last we will see them. Will Nora be able to repair things with Joss?

Nora accepts that Joss saved her life, and decides to give Eobard Thawne a chance to earn her trust back. They proceed with his plan to “help”.

Elsewhere, Caitlin has removed the last microfragments of Cicada’s knife from Cisco’s palms. Cisco isn’t excited to get his powers back, however. He has enjoyed his downtime from being a superhero. While analysing the microfragments, he discovers they could lead to a “cure” for meta-powers.

the flash cisco ramon caitlin snow killervibe
image: the CW

He and Caitlin fall out over the ethics of making said theoretical cure. Cisco says people didn’t ask to have their powers in the first place. Caitlin counters that some – like her and Barry – have found ways to live with their abilities and wouldn’t want to change back now. While Cisco had found purpose as Vibe, he doesn’t see himself handling a the family he wants with superheroics like Barry.

Questionable futures

Eventually, because Killervibe is too cute, Caitlin agrees to help Cisco on the condition that should they succeed, they do not enforce the cure. However, this raises questions about Cisco’s future. Will he give up the mantle of Vibe and depower himself?

the flash cisco ramon caitlin snow
Sometimes you just want to give Cisco a hug. image:

Someone else who’s future is unclear: Eobard. There is a timer on his cell ticking down to something with less than an hour left. We don’t know what it is counting down to, but it is certainly motivating him to do whatever it is he is doing with Nora.

Finally, because The Flash cannot close without a cliffhanger starring Tom Cavanagh, we see Sherloque continuing his personal investigation into Nora. He has been trying to decode her time language with little progress. He also learns from Gideon that Nora deleted all files on herself, which obviously furthers his suspicions.


  • One does not have much entertainment while locked in the Star Labs pipeline. However, the Legends kindly dropped off a copy of “Uncaged Desire” by Rebecca Silver (aka Mick Rory) to keep Barry occupied. His review: “This is…surprisingly well written.”
  • Barry: “Hey guys, any way you could send down some food?”
  • “You know how to do that?” “I learnt a few things from Caitlin Snow MD.” – Caitlin and Cisco
  • Does anyone think KillerVibe is going to be a thing? I personally ship them platonically, but recent episodes suggests they may turn into a couple by the end of the season.

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