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‘Riverdale’ 3×09: 8 most WTF moments from “No Exit”

RIP Archie?

Riverdale 3×09, Season 3, Episode 09, “Chapter Forty-Four: No Exit,” Aired Jan. 16, 2018 

Riverdale is back from it’s long winter’s nap and it’s crazier than ever! Betty is still dealing with the aftermath of her escape from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, which includes caring for the dozen or so kids she rescued. Veronica vs. Hiram battle continues and Jughead struggles to get a grip on his crew. There was a lot going on in this episode, but these were the main things!


8 Most WTF Moments of Riverdale 3×09

#1 Quarantine lifted? After that crazy midseason finale, we were expecting much more chaos and seizures, but nope. The quarantine is lifted. K.

#2 No Bughead reunion. While we like to see them all adorable and domestic, we would have loved to see the Bughead reunion on our screens. There isn’t much joy on this show. WE NEED BUGHEAD CUTENESS!

#3 Betty’s youth hostel. Betty is working like crazy to take down Hiram and the Sisters, and that means housing the group of teens that she busted out. They are all super weird and we don’t blame Alice for calling Edgar to pick them all up! (shrug)


#4 Veronica’s speakeasy and cooking books. Veronica and her dad have always had a crazy relationship, but it’s still super weird that Hiram’s sending his goons after teenagers. Like WTF?

#5 Archie and his dream. We aren’t really sure what to make of Archie’s dream. He beat himself with a baseball bat at one point. If we had to guess, this was the show’s way of proving that Archie has really grown. Season 3 Arch blames his old self for the mess he’s in. Can’t say we blame him – he’s was pretty dumb.

#6 Cheryl. We get that Cheryl has a dark side and we LOVE seeing Choni working together, but Cheryl seems way too smart to leave a calling card behind.

Riverdale Veronica Reggie

#7 Did they just kill off Archie? Obviously, we aren’t super worried that Archie is dead. He’s the main character and it’s not likely that they would go all Game of Thrones on us, but that was a crazy way to end the first episode back!

#8 VEGGIE! This is not a bad WTF, it’s a good one! Veronica and Reggie kissed! This seems like such a natural and easy couple!

What did you think about this episode?Is Archie really dead? Is the bear okay? Hit the comments and tell us your thoughts!

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