‘The Good Doctor’ 1×11 recap: “Quarantine Part Two”

The Good Doctor winter premiere is a great start to this half of the season!

Lots of stuff transpired when we went to hiatus, and the craziness ensues throughout this episode. I think after this quarantine, the doctors all deserve a vacation or at least a long nap. Even though last episode looked like there would be no hope, this episode proves it wrong, with little miracles, Christmas miracles perhaps, taking place. Thank goodness! Let’s recap.

Morgan puts on a brave face

I felt for Morgan during this episode, and for once, I didn’t roll my eyes at her. After the death of Tyler, Morgan is determined to make it through this quarantine with minimum deaths happening around her. Her first order of business: calming Shaun down.

Morgan has been known to treat Shaun badly throughout the series, but this episode had her change her tune a little bit. Baby steps, people! We see her tell the nurse attending to Shaun while he has a panic attack what to do in order to get him back on his feet. She orders her not to yell at him, and what do you know? Shaun is immediately back on his feet. I knew Morgan had a heart.

She’s also tasked with trying to save Lim’s life. Not going to lie, Morgan went through the most this episode but managed to hold it together. That really shows us the type of person she is deep down. Maybe she actually does care about other people.

Thankfully, she is able to save Lim’s life. I was worried for a minute that Lim might not make it through this infection. It wasn’t looking so good when we last saw her, but she’s stronger than I thought. Melendez is also glad that she made it out alive. As they said, it’s a Christmas they’ll never forget.

Shaun’s first baby (delivery)

After Shaun gets back on his feet, he has no choice but to attend to Viola whose water has broken. It’s then that we learn that this will be her first birth and Shaun’s first delivery. Shaun and the nurse are able to successfully deliver the baby.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing. It rarely ever is on this show, so of course, there had to be some complications. The baby is unresponsive as is Viola. Shaun is faced with the decision to save them both or one of them. Being Shaun, he knows he can save them both somehow.

Enter Park’s son who has been Shaun’s help most of the episode. I really like his son; he’s a rare occurrence of a teenager on a show who is willing to step in for something unknown. With his help, he is able to revive the baby, and Shaun is able to help the mother as well.

Mission accomplished! Mother and baby are both well. Phew. I loved seeing Shaun holding the baby and the room applauding him. I’m so proud of him!

Park changes his tune

Park and his son may not have a perfect relationship, but from what we saw in this episode, he really is trying to be there for his son. In which he was literally risking everything to enter quarantine just to make sure his son was okay.

He also helps extract bone marrow for Claire and Melendez’s patient. The procedure to remove it is successful, but unfortunately, the father of the patient does not make it out alive.

By the end of the episode, we see Park walk out with his ex-wife and son. It was nice to see that Park had a moment of realization with his son because I think having his family back in his life might change things for him. At least I hope it does because he deserves some happiness in his life.

New hopes

Despite their patient’s wish, Claire and Melendez are able to give their patient another shot at life. There was the whole dilemma last episode that he didn’t want to be saved. Fortunately, he was thankful to the doctors for giving him another chance at life.

Speaking of life, Glassman is in the clear. After we learn his cancer may be back, this episode cleared it up for all of us. Glassman still has some time left, and his cancer is not back. Also, a round of applause to him for calling Leah out! She has been too flakey to Shaun, and he doesn’t deserve that at all. I literally cheered during that scene. LOL.

Glassman does, however, take Leah’s advice to confide in Shaun more. He ends up telling Shaun that he has meningitis and after coaxing from Leah, embraces Shaun. I hope to see more of the two reconciling this half of the season.

PS….Andrews is still in the doghouse for me.

I thought this episode was going to end a lot worse than it was. No complaints from me on that front. This episode was a win for the doctors and (most) of the patients involved. I can’t wait to see what happens the rest of the season. What did you think of this winter premiere? Sound off below or tweet us!

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