‘Manifest’ 1×11 recap: “Contrails”

Manifest recap: Season 1, Episode 11, “Contrails,” aired Jan. 14, 2019.

The mystery continues as the pilot and Ben search for a “HOW THE HECK DID THIS HAPPEN” explanation. For real though, that storm did come out of nowhere, and pretty much nobody is trustworthy on that plane at this point. Besides the Stones, of course. Let’s dig into this episode!

That storm, though

Modern technology is pretty wild, right? The pilot and Ben are able to contract the weather from the day their flight went missing, which is pretty dang cool. The pilot also lets it drop that the storm isn’t just a storm. It’s a government coverup. Hmmm. I wouldn’t rule that out at this point considering everything is still up in the air. Pun not intended.

Ben and pilot go visit the meteorologist who wanted to testify, but they told him not to. Of course whoever they are made him. Of course.

When they go back to experiment, Ben is a little shook and rightfully so. He was able to see how dangerous the storm was that they flew through. While the pilot is agreeable that the storm was bad, there was no way it could have flown them through to the future. He points his finger at Fiona, which I can’t blame him for. It does seem pretty convenient.

Auntie Mick trolling Ben

Michaela and Cal are spending some quality time this episode! I hadn’t realized the lack of scenes between the two. Before the fun though, homework must be done. Even though Michaela admits to not having been a nerd who liked homework, unlike Ben. He would have liked homework. What a nerd, indeed.

Autumn then comes knocking, enlisting Michaela in her plan to clear her name and her warrant. I still don’t trust Autumn; there’s just something about her that keeps me thinking she’s going to betray them all again. However, maybe she is actually being truthful. Her side eye when Michaela mentions where Ben is at is all too curious, though.

Okay, the conversation between Grace and Cal was actually kind of sweet. Cal tells Grace that he wants to be just like his dad — he wants to help people like him. That just melts my heart. This poor kid needs his dad back in his life!

Not good not good

Someone knows what Ben and the pilot are up to. Obviously, this is not a good sign, as evident by the meteorologist who was found dead. Ben and Michaela go to search for the pilot, but he is otherwise occupied. As in, he’s trying to hurt Fiona. Come on, man, don’t be like this.

Ah, it turns out that he’s stealing a plane. Probably not the best idea ever, and he took Fiona along for the ride. Ben tries to get through to him, but he’s adamant that he needs to see if he actually did cause the plane to go missing for five years or if it was something else. Sigh, this is NOT THE WAY.

Fiona does make a good point: “We were not brought back to turn on another.” Despite her words of wisdom, he does not heed to her advice. Instead, he ignores the pleas of everyone and goes straight into the eye of the storm. This cannot end well for anyone — poor Fiona! Oh my goodness; they literally went missing. This was not supposed to happen. I am shook.


The lines are connecting. With Fiona and the pilot lost in the storm, Michaela and Ben realize that Autumn is totally the mole. I knew it! Not to mention, she’s totally kidnapped Cal as well. When Ben and Michaela find Autumn, she is going down. Nobody messes with Cal!

Madeline’s musings

  • The awkward Jared talk with Grace. Yikes!
  • Excuse me, Michaela, do not ship Grace and Ben.
  • I am NOT rooting for Grace and Ben. Thank you, next.
  • I want to trust Fiona. I really do, but iddddkkkk.
  • Michaela might need to install some new locks.
  • Also, they might want to think about putting their findings into a locked box of some sort.
  • I was so on edge when he flew into that storm!
  • This episode is tragic, honestly.

What did you think of this episode? I say it’s about time we get some much-needed answers. I know, I’m being really impatient over all of this. Come chat with us about the episode on Twitter or sound off below!

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