‘Gotham’ recap: 5×02 “Trespassers”

Gotham recap: Season 5, Episode 2, “Trespassers,” Aired Jan. 10, 2019
Welcome back to Gotham! In Gotham 5×02, we’re no better off than we were last week. In fact, we learn that a bunch of kids have been kidnapped and are in danger, and Jim Gordon just can’t ignore his hero instinct to save the city, even when his own survival is on the line.

This episode also brings us a new face, an old friend, a surprising ally, and a transformation. Let’s get right into Gotham 5×02!

The witch

Gotham 5x02 Trespassers Bruce Wayne seeks The Witch Poison Ivy Pepper

The witch – Bruce’s only chance to heal Selina – is Ivy! I’ve been waiting for Ivy to return!

Bruce wasn’t the only person who had come to Ivy for help, but Ivy had murdered the other men. And when Bruce came to ask for help, Ivy was locked up. Ivy agreed to help Selina in return for her freedom, and when Bruce broke her out, she murdered the men who trapped her and turned on Bruce.

Gotham 5x02 Trespassers Poison Ivy Pepper Bruce Wayne

In the end, Ivy did come through and give Bruce what he needed to help Selina, but with a warning. The antidote may save her, but it will completely change her forever.

The place to be in Gotham

The lone siren, Barbara, was still running the greatest party in the city. But even the greatest of parties falls silent at Jim Gordon’s arrival.

Gotham 5x02 Trespassers Barbara Kean Erin Richards the sirens

After giving Jim some trucks so he could save the kidnapped children, she was pretty set on letting Jim get himself killed since he did nothing as Tabitha was stabbed. However, just when some warring gangs seemed to have Jim right where they wanted him, Barbara came in with a tank, taking out anyone shooting at her ex. Help from the unlikeliest of places.


Welcome, Bane, to Gotham! He looks just like the comic book character, smoke drug and all.

With a price on Jim’s head, every gang in the city was after him, including Bane and his men. Jim escaped and saved the kidnapped children the first time he was under fire, then barely slipped away when Bane came after him again.

Gotham 5x02 Trespassers Jim Gordon Bane

You know, for a city where everyone but Penguin is lacking in ammo, they sure do get into a lot of gunfights.

“You won’t feel a thing”

Gotham 5×02 really brought it with the creepy factor in the form of Jim, Harvey, and some of the rescued kids hiding out in an abandoned hotel, with Harvey going to explore the creepy hotel basement on his own. What could go wrong?

It’s dark and filled with a woman named The Ghost attacking intruders in true jumpscare fashion. Oh, and a (creepy?) child locked Jim and Harvey in a room with flashing strobe lights. It was all straight from a horror movie.

Overall, I have to say, I think they pulled it off.

Penguin was here

Gotham 5x02 Trespassers Ed Nygma The Riddler

The Riddler was still fighting the Ed Nygma inside, sleepwalking with no memory of anything come morning. Upon waking to find a gang member tied up in his bathtub, The Riddler retraced his steps to the gang’s HQ, where he learned their leader was killed, presumably by Penguin, thereby starting a war.

Gotham 5x02 Trespassers Ed Nygma The Riddler Penguin was here

Penguin wasn’t in this episode, but he’s certainly still a key player. I’m excited to see him again next week.


So much happened in the last 10 minutes, my jaw was absolutely on the ground. Barbara and Jim are working together, Ivy is on the loose, and the most exciting thing – Catwoman is here! That effect as Selina’s eyes changed into cat eyes was so insanely cool. I look forward to seeing how Catwoman fits in on Gotham. And is that Harley next week?!

Next week:

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