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‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Pilot: Spoiler free review

Alien lore, cowboy cops, and longing looks at sunset - YES, PLEASE!

Roswell, New Mexico is everything you love about CW shows, but aged up – and with a shot of reality. We have recently had the pleasure of watching the pilot episode of the second adaptation of the Roswell High books, Roswell, New Mexico and it’s pretty incredible. (And anyone saying otherwise likely has the same complaints about all CW shows – but whatevs.)

The promotion for this show was heavily focused on the love story brewing between Max and Liz – which is clearly a big aspect – but this show is so much more. Roswell, New Mexico‘s milkshakes come with a shot a bourbon, giving us The CW feels we know and love, but with a much more mature vibe. It’s crazy to say that this, (because it’s a show about aliens), but this feels like one of the most grounded show on The CW.

Roswell, New Mexico — “Pilot” — Photo: Ursula Coyote/The CW

Yes, the pilot has to check some boxes to set up the characters and stories, but after the “set-up” dialogue is out of the way, you get to see the intensity of each character almost immediately! Everyone feels very authentic, which is usually hard to nail in a pilot.

Also, can we give an Emmy to Nathan Parson’s eyes? For every word he says, his eyes say about 20 more. There is so much depth to his quiet moments that he had us swooning with every longing look. #CowboyTakeMeAway


The Issues

Immigration. Right away you are hit with the sharp, witty and woke AF verbal stylings of Liz (Jeanine Mason) as she makes her way back home. In this ep, there is an ICE checkpoint on the road, there is talk of the wall (yes, THAT wall), and it’s all done in a way that parallels the rambling worries of a podcaster’s space alien fears. Fucking. Brilliant.


A death. There is a major death that these characters (and the town) are still dealing with and it’s just another secret that Max and his siblings must guard. This episode lays the groundwork and gives a few hints about that secret. (We will talk about that on Space Cowboys: A Roswell Podcast following the premiere!)

(You can listen to our previous Roswell podcast episodes RIGHT HERE!) 

The government. Hot doc on the block, Kyle (Michael Trevino) opens the door to another secret in this sleepy, cowboy town and it’s going to cause some major drama!



Max and Liz. WOW. The tension between Max and Liz is FIRE. They spend the entire pilot eye f*cking the sh*t out of each other and it’s pretty frickin’ epic, to say the least.

Another romance. Speaking of eye f*cking, there is another love story in the pilot that we are even more excited about. Max and Liz are amazing, but THIS duo’s story is incredibly intriguing – and that kiss! It’s one of those passionate, tension filled TV kisses that will end you. Prepare.

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Alien siblings are still siblings. EP Carina MacKenzie is no stranger to the complexities that sibling dynamics bring to the table. She was a writer on The Originals, the TVD spinoff that followed the Mikaelson sibs through their emotional, immortal lives. The Roswell, New Mexico pilot does a great job of setting up the already complicated relationships between Max, Isobel and Michael.

Also, Michael Vlamis – yowza. Get ready to join the #Vlambase!

Roswell, New Mexico

Don’t let the fact that there is another (amazing) Roswell show out there keep you away from this adaptation. It’s smart, witty, relevant and DEF it’s own thing.

And it’s aged up, so if you couldn’t get into Riverdale because you felt weird swooning over shirtless Archie Andrews, then we recommend heading south to Roswell, New Mexico for some cowboys, aliens and bourbon spiked milkshakes! Plus, you’ll still get those amazing teen angst vibes thanks to the flashbacks!

What are you most excited to see in Roswell, New Mexico? Comment below or hit us up on twitter and tell us your thoughts!

Watch Roswell, New Mexico Jan. 15th at 9/8c on The CW! 

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