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‘Arrow’: What we want to see in season 7B

There's A LOT

Amongst the worshipping of Felicity’s pink hair, the impeccable prison angst, crazed and manic Stan the Fan, our sweet bean continuing to be a selfless hero even behind bars, and Felicity exploring her darker boundaries, we have had a pretty solid season. But whose to say it can’t get any more solid?

Not to say there hasn’t been any bumps or idiosyncrasies from this first half. Diggle embracing his ARGUS duties so fully that he won’t help Felicity, the newbies, and a pesky dragon that’s easily slay-able, are on the top of my DONE list.

However, I have a “this needs to happen for me to stay sane” list as well, and I’m inclined to share it with all of you beautiful people. Here it is:

#1 OTA together again

They are the team. Our people. Let’s get back to that, please. Listen, I realize Diggle is going through a thing. And I’m not requesting that we bulldoze over said thing all in the name of getting back to normal. Because that would be frustrating too.

Diggle needs to lay all his cards on the table in front of his best friends, and give them apologies. Everyone needs to say their peace and be stronger for it. Simple conflict resolution. It can happen. These three are too epic together to settle for anything else.

#2 Closure with the newbies

The CW

I’m aware this might be a little unrealistic, but it would still make the rest of the season if they pulled it off. Rene and Curtis have been on the back-burner so far, and it’s worked out for them. Rene is tolerable, even likable sometimes. And not seeing a lot of Curtis is always a gift, but even with his limited screen time he still manages to piss me off.

Dinah has had the most screen time of the newbies, and the transition of her filling Quentin’s role has been an interesting one. On the one hand, her police caption status makes sense for her character, and on the other, her flip-flopping stances on vigilantes is feeling a little like Laurel Lance circa season 1.

All I want for Dinah, Rene, and Curtis is closure. An acknowledgment of sh*tty behavior, and their role in Oliver’s sacrifice. Rene is the only one that apologized (but still makes the occasional cringey comment), Dinah said “I respect you,” and Curtis has said nothing. I need more for closure, and I need more for their to be even a modicum of a reason why Oliver and Felicity will ever work with them again.

Let’s not have the resentment fester any longer.

#3 Some hope in the future

Having everything be so dark in both the present and future really puts a damper in morale. You know what will insert some sunshine in this future dystopian Star City? Revealing Maya as Oliver and Felicity’s daughter, and showing us that Felicity is “shockingly” alive and well.

Just something to think about.

#4 Olicity

I think we have all felt Olicity deprived and I’m not saying I need to hear “love is too small a word” and “you will always be the love of my life” every episode. However, Olicity works extremely well together, and they are the team within the team. I just want to see them together and on the same page.

Shower sex also never hurt anybody.

#5 Figure out Oliver’s role post-prison

Being an arrow-for-hire for the SCPD is not going to cut it. But I can go with this for now.

#6 Smoak Tech

Felicity needs it. Her family needs it. My soul needs it.

#7 Emiko Queen

I just hope her backstory is interesting, and the relationships she develops with everyone gets me invested. Because she seems like a really cool character.

#8 The Diaz of it all

Just go away. Bring in Stan.

That’s about it. What do you want to see in Arrow‘s season 7B? Let us know on Twitter @Pure_Fandom and @lynsneill because as you can see we have a lot of thoughts.

Catch an all new episode of Arrow Monday, January 21, at 8 PM.


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