‘Manifest 1×10 recap: “Crosswinds”

Oh heyyyy, Manifest is finally back after a month hiatus. Which, might I say, isn’t that bad. I am used to the 3-month-long hiatuses that Once Upon a Time used to do, which were TORTURE. This episode was CRAY-Z. Things are heating up and getting real messy this half of the season. It’s all getting worse before it gets better.

To trust or not to trust

The passengers are all in a safe haven at Fiona’s friend’s house, but some are not too excited about it. The Captian, mainly. He is struggling with who to trust, but can we blame him? I wouldn’t trust anyone at this point, especially some of these coincidences. Something seems fishy. I always had my suspicions about Fiona, and maybe I’m right to be suspicious about her.

Also, what is up with this Autumn chick? Even though she threw her phone in the water, I wouldn’t put too much faith in her. If she’s against the rest of the passengers to begin with, I doubt she’s so quick to change her tune. She’s evil, so I’m guessing she knows how to throw people off their track.

Goodbyes and hellos

The episodes starts on a more somber note with Michaela visiting her mom at her grave. She tells her mom that she’s getting her life back. Yes, Michaela, you go girl! It’s time to start living again. Although, we all know it’s probably not going to be easy. We also see Ben say goodbye to Vance, who I am still upset died!
Micheala says hello to her feelings for Jared. I’m not going to lie, I have mixed feelings about them as a couple. I like them as a police duo, but beyond that, I am not for them starting up their romantic relationship again. I think Jared decided to move on and has. At this point, he’ll end up hurting her. LOVE TRAINGLES ARE COMPLICATED.

Michaela is also introduced to new callings. This time, she’s seeing a snowy landscape with the words “save her” in her mind. I have no idea what that’s about. Seems like this callings won’t be letting up anytime soon. Cal is also experiencing this same calling.

All these love triangles

Feelings are in the air! After Jared tells Lourdes that he wants to take some time to recover before him and her try to get pregnant, it gets a little tense. Seeing as Jared most likely has feelings for Michaela still, I’m sure awkwardness is to be abound. And when she tells him she doesn’t want to work with him anymore, we get that answer.

Speaking of akward tension, Ben and Grace’s relationship is exactly that. They’re both not right, but I think Grace isn’t right for another reason. That reason being Danny, and that was evident by Olive seeking him out to make her mom happy again.

I cannot lie, you guys, I don’t ship Jared and Michaela. I don’t ship Grace and Ben. However, I do ship Grace and Danny, which is weird because I don’t care what happens to Grace, to be honest. They can jjust be together, whatever, I don’t care.

Things are getting worse before they get better

Grace isn’t too happy Olive brought Danny to their home. Then Ben walks in to them fighting, and that’s when things get heart breaking. Grace and Danny tell Ben that everyone had moved on. Too far, too far. That’s so unfair to Ben. Like, he didn’t get a chance to move on because it was still fresh. I am Team Ben ALL THE WAY. He doesn’t deserve to be treated like he’s some man who just walked into their life.

Turns out the break between Michaela and Jared doesn’t last long, and I am not for it. They end up hooking up. I am not a fan of a cheating storyline, so I hope there’s something to remedy that. Sorry, not sorry for that unpopular opinion! The fall out is going to be bad. Poor Lourdes, though.

Also, Ben has resorted to actually going on the podcast that he didn’t want to go on. So there’s all that. And who the heck is major?!

Madeline’s musings

  • I can’t believe Ben just asked if podcasts were “still a thing.” Like, dude, come on. Welcome to the world of digital journalism.
  • I think Jared and Lourdes should just stay together; I think he’s moved on, and Michaela deserves better than him. That’s the tea.
  • Flip phones lol
  • I don’t trust ANYONE. I think Autumn knows someone is watching, so she’s being smart about her evilness.
  • Ben’s glasses are a blessing to this world.
  • I’m gonna say it: I like Danny’s relationship with Olive.
  • Those people wanting to touch the passengers, get away.
  • Autumn caughhhhhtttttttt. OH SHOOT.
  • Did I mention Ben’s glasses?

Phew. What an episode. There’s no guessing what will transpire this half of the season. Maybe we’ll get soem answers; maybe we won’t get anything. One thing I do know is that it’s going to get even messier! Here for it. What did you think? Sound off below or tweet us your reactions!

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