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Why we love our ‘Arrowverse’ superheroines without a mask

Let's get real.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t generally spend my time wearing a cape and punching bad guys (that would be awesome— but that’s besides the point). However, I do speak my mind, no matter how polarizing the audience may be. I try to be a woman whose thoughtful, empathetic, and communicative. Sometimes I fall short, we all do, that’s life.

The societal pressure for women to be everything to everybody at all times, and the rash of judgment that comes our way when we inevitably fail at that requirement, is one of the many reasons why we need mask-less women in our Arrowverse shows.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good ass-kicking from a leather-clad superheroine as much as the next girl. But there is no prerequisite to being a superhero. When we become privy to the world of the superheroes we see on screen, it’s natural to make comparisons between who goes out and fights, and who fights in a different way.

It’s easy for strength to get lost in translation, and it unknowingly perpetuates the idea that to be a strong woman you need to meet certain criteria. But being strong should just be as simple as how you champion yourself, and what brings you happiness. No matter the career path, or lack thereof.

Let’s leave the judgment at the door. Who needs it? These mask-less Arrowverse superheroines don’t, that’s for sure. So, why not take a look at why we love and appreciate these women.

Felicity Smoak, Arrow

The CW

She’s our favorite tech-goddess whose soul can be fed in computer code. This future CEO of Smoak Tech is compassionate, beyond intelligent, and quite skilled in the art of diffusing tension with humor. We would all be lost without her, especially Oliver Queen.

Iris West-Allen, The Flash

The CW

Her passion for journalism and truth is not to be trifled with. Often times she’s the voice of reason, we need that in a logic-defying show like The Flash. There is also something commendable in Iris’s optimism, whether she’s being optimistic or not, she never fails to make an effort.

Ava Sharpe, Legends of Tomorrow

The CW

Director of the Time Bureau, Ava is incredibly ambitious and loves perfection. But even when she’s exploring her softer side, she still has us admiring her drive.

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Lena Luthor, Supergirl

The CW

She’s someone who refuses to be defined by the mistakes of her family, and only by her own character. Lena is a fantastic friend, scientist, and business woman. She puts everyone around her first, even when it couldn’t hurt to put her feet up and relax.

Lynn Pierce, Black Lightning

The CW

Okay, she’s not technically in the Arrowverse, but we can’t have a list of fierce superhero adjacent ladies without Lynn. She’s a vastly knowledgeable neuroscientist, incredibly caring, and makes her decisions out of love. She’s one of our favorite moms, for sure.

We love these mask-less women because we need them. They are all vital to the operation, no matter the romantic ties, or even a lack of a leather costume. Let’s send some positive vibes into the Arrowverse by appreciating the women in our favorite shows, and in our lives.

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