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‘Black Lightning’: Top 10 moments of season 2 (so far)

It was electric!

Black Lightning may not be airing right now until Jan, but that don’t mean we can’t still talk about it. How about we reminisce together over the best moments that have aired already on part one of season 2.

Let’s take a look at Black Lightning’s top 10 moments (so far):

#1 When Anissa goes Robin Hood style to save the clinic

Episode 3, “The Book of Consequences: Chapter Three: Master Lowry”

After Anissa learned that the church health clinic wouldn’t survive if no funds were made for it, she decided to go Robin Hood 2.0. Anissa took down more drug dealers and stole all their dirty money, and causally just hands it to the church Pastor again. Despite it not being morally (or legally) right, that she is technically stealing, no one can be fully mad that she is actually using the money for good.

#2 The Looker and the Sanjay being introduced

Episode 6, “The Book of Blood: Chapter Two: The Perdi”

“There’s a lady who calls herself Looker. My dad says she came to town about 30 years ago. She has this silver which she calls element. She used it to turn the white folks into Sanjay.”

After Anissa traveled to South Freeland to check up on the pregnant girl, Anaya, she learned about the Looker and the Sanjay. Anaya ended up giving birth to baby twins, one light skinned and one dark skinned. Everyone freaked out as that must mean that the father is white, aka a Sanjay. Anaya filled in Anissa what the deal is in South Freeland.

The Looker ran the place, and seemed to infect people with a silver liquid (element) and from that, it could control of the person. The element seemed to give the white people (the Sanjay) super strength, along with other enhanced abilities. Basically, this left the Black people (the Perdi) to be forced to live in the woods. Um, not OK. SOMEONE STOP THE LOOKER!!

#3 Thunder and Black Lightning saving the clinic together

 Episode 4, “The Book of Consequences: Chapter Four: Translucent Freak”

As expected, the people who Anissa targeted for the money (linked to Tobias) come back for revenge. Black Lightning, Thunder, and Gambi had a feeling that something bad was coming, so they stood watch in order to protect Freeland’s health clinic. Something suspicious soon becomes apparent, after a woman walks in pregnant… but leaves not pregnant. Um, this surely isn’t normal, right?

Black Lightning and Thunder run off and search the clinic for anything suspicious, while evacuating the building. Thankfully, they did go on the lookout after all, as two bombs were planted inside. Here’s to Black Lightning and Thunder saving the day again – yay!

#4 When Jefferson confirms that he is Black Lightning to Henderson

Episode 1, “The Book of Consequences: Chapter One: Rise of the Green Light Babies”

Henderson confronts Black Lightning, accusing his real identity to be Jefferson Pierce. We all thought that no way would he give up his secret identity. Much to our shock, Jefferson actually took off his mask and showed Henderson that his speculations were true. This was the beginning of them two teaming up to help make Freeland a better place.

#5 Jefferson using his ‘stepping down as principal’ as a teaching lessons to his pupils

Episode 2, “The Book of Consequences: Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues”

“Where’s the future? Right here. And who’s life is it? Mine. What are you going to do with it? Live it. By any means necessary.”

Jefferson faced bad news that he needed to step down as principal, and also get no say in who replaced him. He knew he couldn’t be too mad as he needed to face the consequences to his actions. Unfortunately, he did not know that a white man would replace him. Obviously in a school that is predominately black, there was no way that a white man in charge would go down well.

Jefferson announced the news at a school assembly, but the student got noticeably upset. He comforted the student and explained that he had to set a good example to them, so he had to face the consequences and step down as principal. But assured them that even though he wouldn’t be principal, he would still be around for them.

What happened next was simple beautiful. Jefferson’s students recited the mantra that he has always said time-and-time again to them all. This truly highlighted how much of a difference he made in their lives. I almost shed a tear! I’m going to start living by this mantra. Thanks Black Lightning!

#6 Jefferson and Gambi reuniting

Episode 7, “The Book of Blood: Chapter Three: The Sange”

As Black Lightning was getting the lost twin baby to safety, he noticed a drone that Gambi used which crashed in the forest. Black Lightning puts two-and-two together, he realized that maybe Gambi must be secretly hiding out somewhere. Jefferson later tracked down a place he believed Gambi was living at.

He knocked at the door, and who answered? Gambi of course. Both look as shocked as each other. After a few sarcastic comments, they shared a touching hug. Jefferson reminded Gambi that he will always be family.

#7 Thunder vs The Looker

Episode 7, “The Book of Blood: Chapter Three: The Sange”

My favorite fight scene of the season so far was definitely Thunder vs the Looker. Anissa seriously did not come to play, she came to slay, and kicked the Lookers ass. After Anissa got Anaya, the twin babies, and the rest of the Perdi to safety, she got suited up and ready to take down the Looker. The fight went Anissa’s way until near the end, where the Looker got the upper hand.

The looker was about ready to kill Thunder, until Black Lightning arrived right on time to save her.With the father/daughter duo taking on the Looker together, it didn’t take long to eliminate the threat. The Looker became impaled on a piece of metal, nearly killing her. Due to that, the Sange’s under her control got released, and they ran off before they face the consequences to their actions. The looker then got turned over to the A.S.A., making it Thunder/Black Lightning: 1; The Looker: 0.

#8 Lynn finding a cure for the Green Light pod kids

Episode 5, “The Book of Blood: Chapter One: Requiem”

Lynn’s hard work started to pay off as she finally found a cure for the pod children. However, there was only a 50% success rate, so Lynn felt that she couldn’t use this cure until she found a way to make the success rate as close to 100% as she possible could. As a scientist and doctor, the main goal is to save people’s lives, so I don’t think any good one would want to risk letting half of their patients die without exploring other options first. Later Dr. Jace came up with a way to increase the success rate and urged Lynn to use her plan. Lynn agrees, and all seemed well.

But when they injected the patients with the cure, Lynn didn’t double check the plan and believed they were still going ahead with the new plan. Unfortunately, Dr. Jace tricked Lynn (she actually didn’t change a thing) so when they administer the cure, some of the pod children started dying.

Lynn freaked out and didn’t understand what was going on, until Dr. Jace admitted she now just killed 14 pod children. OMG! That psycho doesn’t deserve to be out jail! Poor Lynn!!

#9 Jen saving Khalil’s life, while on the run with him

 Episode 9, “The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Two: Gift of the Magi”

After Cutter cut Khalil with one of her poisoned blades, Khalil is slowly dying from what I believe to be sepsis. He has a serious infection, burning up, and loosing consciousness. Jen didn’t know what else to do, but risk being sighted, in order to steal antibiotics to try save Khalil’s life. She rushed off to a near-by hospital, and stole drugs using her powers.

Unlucky for Jen and Khalil, Cutter spotted them and followed them back to where they were camped out. Jen quickly realized that they were being watched and tricked Cutter into entering their hideaway, so she could shock her a little before tying her up.

Once Cutter was took down and tied up, Jen demanded that she cured Khalil before he was left to die. Smartly, Jen knew she must have an antidote incase she cut herself by accident. Jen then cut Cutter with one of her own blades, in a way to force her into giving them the antidote. Cutter gave in and handed over the antidote, and finally Khalil was on the mends – yay!

#10 Anissa and Grace reuniting

Episode 5, “The Book of Blood: Chapter One: Requiem”

Back to the old bae! How great was the scene with Anissa and Grace reuniting their love again? Anissa had some moves that I don’t think many could turn down, so I’m not surprised that Grace jumped back into bed with Anissa again. Although, it wasn’t all happiness, as the next morning Grace admitted that it was a mistake and they shouldn’t get back together again.

Um, what?! I see Grace’s point though, as she asked Anissa if she could promise that she won’t hurt her again, and sadly she couldn’t. So Grace gets annoyed and says whenever Anissa is feeling vulnerable she can’t just turn up at her house and expect her to just sleep with her.

Fair play! Anissa is a player and needs telling! However, I do believe that Anissa really does love Grace, so lets hope she can prove her loyalty and win Grace back for good.

What do you think about S2 of Black Lightning so far? Let me know in the comment section below! And don’t forget to give us a tweet at @Pure_Fandom and @OhMyZinaa. Make sure to keep up-to-date with all my posts here!

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Black Lightning returns on Monday, January 21, 2019 at 9/8c on The CW.

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