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‘Doctor Who’ New Year’s special recap: “Resolution”

Doctor Who New Year’s special recap: “Resolution,” Aired Jan. 1, 2019

Happy new year, fam! And let me just say, cosmic fireworks are so much cooler than normal ones.

Doctor Who New Year's special Resolution team TARDIS thirteenth doctor cosmic fireworks

The amount of cheering I did when I learned the Daleks were going to be in this New Year’s special was, frankly, absurd. It is so nice to have a classic, familiar enemy back, even if they did get a makeover. I got chills hearing “exterminate” in this episode; I felt like I waited all season for that moment – so satisfying.

Overall, this was a great New Year’s special – what a way to start 2019!

“Worse than worse”

Something extraterrestrial on Earth during a major holiday – yeah, sounds like Doctor Who to me.

Doctor Who New Year's special Resolution Graham and Mitch talk about the dalek

So basically, there’s been a Dalek buried on Earth since the 9th century, just waiting. It was recovered by some archaeologists (where’s the River Song reference?!), and it turns out Daleks got creepier! The goopy, squidish interior now looks like a mutant octopus. Oh, and it wrapped itself around people and controlled them. That was something straight out of a horror movie.

Doctor Who New Year's special Resolution Lin taken over by a dalek  

Family reunion

Doctor Who New Year's special Resolution thirteenth doctor Jodie Whittaker

When Ryan’s dad, Aaron, came by to try to make amends for the new year, Graham went into Papa Bear mode, giving Aaron a lecture about family and how Aaron hasn’t done enough. Not sure if I liked that more, or the fact that Ryan was finally given the character he lacked all season. I could’ve done without Aaron’s redemption, though I should’ve expected such a plot from Doctor Who.

Oh, and The Doctor totally called Aaron out for missing Grace’s funeral and disappointing Ryan. It’s the Ryan Defense Squad in the TARDIS.

Doctor Who New Year's special Resolution Thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker confronts Aaron Ryan Sinclair father

“Serious tech skillz”

After an attempt to call Kate Lethbridge-Stewart and UNIT for backup (which was unsuccessful because UNIT funding is on hold – seriously?!), The Doctor was on her own to save the entire planet. What else is new?

Doctor Who New Year's special Resolution Thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker

Time for an epic faceoff between The Doctor and her greatest enemy, complete with an epic speech and full backing from her gang – no, team – no, extended fam. After defeating the Dalek too easily, the Dalek previously inside its casing revealed that not only had it escaped, but it took over Aaron’s body.

Doctor Who New Year's special Resolution Jodie Whittaker Thirteenth Doctor hero speech

But let’s face it, this is Doctor Who. Of course The Doctor and her companions would prevail in the end. Aaron was released from Dalek control, the Dalek was sucked into a supernova, and Earth was saved once again.

Doctor Who New Year's special Resolution hero speech Jodie Whittaker as Thirteenth Doctor


Well, team, unless they go back to a Christmas special, this is all the Who we get this entire year. What will all us Whovians do with our newly free Sunday nights? Regardless, it was a wonderful season, and I look forward to what’s next. Only 365 days until the next Doctor Who New Year’s special! Until then, have a brilliant 2019!!!


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Doctor Who will return in 2020 on BBC America.

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