‘Schitt’s Creek’: Simply the best David and Patrick moments

They really are simply the best!

Schitt’s Creek has been around for four seasons now, but it feels like everyone, myself included fell hard for the show in 2018. While there is a lot to praise in Schitt’s Creek, it’s the romance between David and Patrick that made the show a real standout.

With the relationship between David Rose and Patrick Brewer, Dan Levy has given us an LGBTQ couple that is happy, charming, and never boring. Theirs is an open and loving relationship with an intimacy rarely seen on television, especially between two men.

David Rose is still sarcastic, dramatic and high maintenance, but he’s also grown up into a responsible adult willing to open himself up for love. With season five just around the corner, I can’t wait to see how Patrick and David continue to make us swoon.


Bottom line, Patrick and David are the softest boyfriends and here are the top moments that prove they are, simply the best.

#7 Their first meeting


They met when David went to Patrick’s office to get his business incorporated. The meeting itself was a bit of a hot mess, as David struggled to explain his business plan to Patrick. But it was immediately obvious how much David surprised and delighted Patrick.

#6 When David called Patrick his boyfriend


David was in the middle of a delightful rant about how terrible he is at compromise when he accidentally called Patrick his boyfriend. He immediately tries to pretend he never said it, but an amused Patrick and Stevie won’t let him off the hook.

#5 Their first date


Stevie has to point out to David that his birthday dinner with Patrick is actually a date. David doesn’t believe her until he opens the gift that Patrick got him, he framed the first receipt from their store.

#4 Their first kiss


The first kiss between David and Patrick is a quiet moment that changes everything for them.

#3 Patrick feels right


David doesn’t have the best track history with relationships or feelings, so when Patrick’s former fiance crashes their barbeque, he’s unsettled. Patrick chases after David, he confesses that David makes him feels right for the first time in his life.

#2 You’re my Mariah Carey


What an amazing ‘I love you’ moment that perfectly captures the dynamic between these two.Patrick tells David he loves him using the language he knows David will understand. The fact he also tells him because he knows it will stress his boyfriend out, well that’s just a bonus.

#1 Patrick serenades David


When Patrick got up on that stage, David was ready to die of embarrassment. Instead he got one of the most romantic moments of the year as his boyfriend serenaded him with a cover Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best.”

The looks and smiles between them can melt even the coldest of hearts. AND we were even gifted with David dancing to this song for Patrick later in the season. After this, it’s impossible not to fall in love with these two.

Now I’m counting the days until season five and dying to see what happens next between David and Patrick!

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