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‘Shadowhunters’: Looking back at Pandemonium Con

An epic experience for 'Shadowhunters' fans

Time to get ready for 2019, Shadowfam! But before we welcome the brand new year which will hopefully see our show saved, let’s spend some time contemplating on all the goodness that December has brought us, namely Shadowhunters TV’s #25DaysofTeasers and Pandemonium Con.

Christmas gifts: A 3b teaser and an extended Malec sneak peek

While #25DaysofTeasers didn’t quite deliver on its promise to give us, well, 25 3b teasers, it still offered more new content than we had previously received in the past six months. Besides pictures, gifs and even the odd deleted scene, on Christmas day Santa gifted our content-starved fandom with a 15 seconds 3b teaser focused on Jace’s struggle and an extended Malec sneak peek.

Needless to say, both got our hearts skipping a beat. Thank you Santa, we really have been exceptionally good this year! We’re still waiting for the full-blown 3b trailer to drop, though. Freeform, are you listening?

Fandom heaven: Pandemonium Con

Earlier this month saw us excited over the buzz that Pandemonium Con brought to our fandom:  48 hours of fun, 48 hours of getting to meet our favorite actors, 48 hours of discussing crazy fandom stuff with them and fellow fans.

Pandemonium Con kicked off with an awesome welcoming party. Where else do you get to see Matthew Daddario, Dominic Sherwood, Isaiah Mustafa and Will Tudor playing Jenga and guessing games with fans?  Of course there was a lot of laughter involved. And guess what? Much to everybody’s surprise, even lovely Katherine McNamara (officially only scheduled for Sunday) sneaked into the convention some time during Saturday’s panels. Jade Hassouné joined the fun on Sunday.

Naturally, what fans had been hoping for all along actually happened: Throughout Pandemonium Con and all the different panels, there were quite a few spoilers about the long pined-for season 3b. However did that happen? Of course, everybody’s darling Matthew Daddario provided us with the answer: “We spoil so much because we’re idiots!” And by the Angel, don’t we just love them for that?


Pandemonium Con’s Top 5 Spoilers for 3b:

1. For everybody hoping for more Parabatri feels: Look forward to three or four scenes of Malec and Luke goodness! On a side note, Matt, Harry and Isaiah are also buddies in real life. The three of them have a Parabatri chat named “Sushi,” as they go out for dinner quite often. Hands up: Who would have guessed that their favorite food is Sushi?

2. Attention all Parabatai lovers: Yes, there are definitely some Parabatai moments coming up, one of them allegedly taking place in Alec’s office.

3. Besides bromance, there will be enough romance to warm your heart!  We will see more of the budding “friendship” between our favorite Papa Wolf and Maryse. Serves you right, Robert!

4. Kidding or not? Apparently, in 3b opponents are armed better. Consequently, it isn’t as easy to kick their asses as before, leading to Jace losing all his fights… Really, Dom? We have a hard time believing  that, but I guess we’ll just have to watch to find out.

5. Last but not least, let’s talk Malec. Stock up on tissues, Shadowfam: Our power couple faces some rough times in 3b. Matt promises “plenty of heartbreak” and that “it’s going to suck so much.” It seems like we will actually get a scene where one of them is crying and it’s probably Alec. How are we to survive?


Let’s talk characters, favorite scenes & more

Pandemonium Con also proved once again and without a doubt how passionate the cast is about the characters they portray.  Here are some of the things they had to say about their characters:

Isaiah on Luke

Isaiah strongly feels that “Luke is the best character.” He keeps the story going because everybody comes to him with their problems and he solves them. However, when needing help himself, Luke would always turn to Magnus, as they have known each other for long and have a “real bromance.”

Isaiah’s favorite scene is the one from season one where Luke issued the “Bite me” challenge to Raphael and they both had to laugh so hard. His most challenging scene was the flashback with Maia because Alisha was so emotional and he had to stay strong.

Jade on Meliorn

Let’s start with a fun fact: When they auditioned Meliorn, they wanted a tall, blond, blue-eyed guy. Ehm… okay! That worked out well!  Unfortunately, Jade’s favorite scene hasn’t been aired yet, but he loves the one in 1×10 when Meliorn opens a portal for Clary. This also happens to be the first time that you can see Meliorn doing magic, thus enabling the viewers to see the Seelie World in a brand new light.


Matt on Alec

It is a well-known fact that Matt likes to talk. Like a lot. Of course the fans really enjoyed everything he had to share, character-related and otherwise. In Matt’s words, “Alec is a character who likes to help, likes to protect and likes to help others to protect others.”

Alec’s favorite drink is a Dark ‘n’ Stormy – a cocktail made with dark rum and ginger beer which is served on ice with a slice of lime. If Alec had to be a Disney character, he would be Prince Charming or Sleeping Beauty. If there were a musical episode/a musical version of Shadowhunters, Alec’s singing would probably be all about work.

Being asked about a Malec dance scene, Matt’s reply was: “A dance scene between Magnus and Alec, ludicrous! How would it even work? How could I, the person who plays Alec, possibly dance with Harry and not look like a buffoon?” Well, we feel sure he would make an adorable buffoon!

Finally, he talked about Alec’s tendency of  bottling up his emotions: “People don’t just change overnight. It’s only been a few months, he needs a lot more time before he gets better at sharing his emotions.”


Dom on Jace

Naturally, fans were quite curious about Dom’s top 3 ships which are, in case you wondered,  “Malec. Malec again. […] Sizzy. And […] Clace.” Dom’s favorite scene is the Parabatai Oath scene in 2×03. Asked about what kind of advice he would offer to his character, Dom joked: “So much. Don’t die!”

In a musical episode/ a musical version of Shadowhunters, Jace’s singing would be heroic, just like Gaston’s. If he could choose a crossover show for Shadowhunters, he would go with some kind of holiday show where “the scariest things would be snakes.”  A great side effect would also be Jace getting a tan!


Will on Jonathan

Will mentioned that Jonathan was a weird and complex character. Consequently, it took some time to get over playing him. He thought that Youtube was a great preparation! The hardest scene to shoot was the lake scene.


Kat on Clary

Another spoiler and we just love it: Kat revealed that Clary’s first line of 3b is: “Who are you?”

She also talked about Clary and Alec’s  complex relationship. According to Kat, both butt heads so often because they want the same things but approach them differently. It doesn’t help much that they are both quite stubborn. Matt described the relationship as  “mutual respect with a little bit of distance.”


Pandemonium Con: Random stuff and fun facts

  • Will revealed that if he could be any character from Harry Potter, he would choose Draco Malfoy or Voldemort. He would always prefer villains over heroes.
  • Jade said he was a Hufflepuff and his patronus was a unicorn, while Isaiah stated he was a Gryffindor and his patronus was an owl.
  • Asked to choose any animal, real or fantastic, Matt said he would like to be an “interplanetary octopus.” Why? Because then he could be at all places at the same time and eat a lot of strawberry ice cream.
  • Dominic read ‘City of Bones” and half of “City of Ashes”, but then wanted to focus on the show’s scripts. He also expressed some confusion over Jace’s many last names: “Wayland and Lightwood, now Morgenstern. And what is a Herondale?”
  • If Will had to be a Downworlder, he would choose to be Magnus because he’s cool and powerful.
  • Both Dom and Matt had trouble reciting the whole parabatai oath. Thus they delivered a “short version” of it, much to the fans’ amusement. However, both pointed out that their favorite scene together was 2×3 where they both recite the parabatai oath. They also love the first fight scene they did together.
  • Isaiah’s biggest fear besides heights is “waking up between Malec.”
  • One of Kat’s favorite episodes was Clary waking up Valentine as she loves Alan Van Sprang so much.
  • Matt doesn’t really get the obsession with AU! Alec, pointing out that “he’s not the Alec you know and love.”
  • On the subject of a Malec wedding, Matt imagines it to be be “efficient productive”. If he had to choose a song for it, he would go with “La Vie en Rose.”
  • Finally, putting some fanfiction authors’ imagination to shame, Matt joked that by episode 3×16, Malec had their 8th baby. As that’s a lot of mouths to feed, Alec would need to find a second job. Naturally, Dom suggested power washing.

That’s it, y’all. 48 hours of craziness, pure fandom goodness and fun. If you liked what you read: Pandemonium Con 2 will be happening in October 2019!  However, there are two important conclusions we can draw from the first edition of this epic convention:

First, February 25 can’t come soon enough. Secondly, the Shadowhunters cast aren’t just a bunch of professionals thrown together to play a couple of characters, but family. And you just don’t separate family. #SaveShadowhunters, anybody?




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