‘Lucifer’ on Netflix: Why we love Chloe and Lucifer (AKA Deckerstar)

The devil is in the details

When a fallen angel and a former actress turned detective explore the mean streets of LA to solve the latest murder, a blossoming romance between the two becomes expected. Wonderfully expected.

We love Lucifer for unabashedly welcoming and nurturing this relationship to what it is now. And what it could be, now that season 4 was picked up by Netflix.

But why do we love the pairing formally known as Deckerstar?

The Twist in The Devil’s Tale

The “will they won’t they” aspect of any relationship can be frustrating for one, but albeit exciting. In that vein, there are moments when Lucifer does Chloe dirty, and I need her to be mad at him for many episodes. Whether it’s marrying Candy in Vegas after they kissed, or if its making a big show of a romantic dinner all in the name of showing up Pierce.

We know why The Devil does these things to our favorite cop. We also know why she doesn’t wait around, and wants more. It’s what happens at the end of the day (or after the allotted amount of time) that counts. A reaffirmation of loyalty, trust, partnership, and love.

Nobody’s perfect, your partner will screw up. Will hurt you. Chloe and Lucifer never intend to hurt each other, that’s the last thing they both want. And the symmetry between the painful but good intentioned moments of their relationship and the King of Hell narrative, adds an extra layer of beauty to what could have easily been a run-of-the-mill procedural.

Lucifer tackles the idea that The Devil, ruler of Hell, representation of all evil, Satan himself, never wanted this. That free will is an abundant currency, even in the presence of angels. Hell functioned and thrived on guilt and how you perceived your actions on earth.

Chloe and Lucifer’s relationship even when its rocky or giddily solid, transcends the confines of all-powerful-evil is still loved by a pretty woman. The twist in the devil’s tale lies within Lucifer himself— his good intentions, his cash of free will, and his all consuming love for The Detective. It’s remarkably human, isn’t it?

Kissing, Dancing, Hugging, Flirting, and Crime Fighting

The main criteria for my ships is to have a strong partnership. Even if they’re literally partners in Lucifer‘s case, or just strong and communicative partners in life, that’s how a ship gets me to sing their love song. And I know I’m not alone in that feeling.

However, all the quiet moments carry their own weight and importance, beyond just “we have each others backs.”

… a dance


… a kiss


… a hug


… a smile


… a save


We love Deckerstar for the loud choruses singing their love song, and for the simple love notes with boxes to check yes, no, or maybe. And we cannot wait until season 4 premieres because I have a feeling we will be coloring in the yes box in permanent ink.



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