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‘Supergirl’: All the times Kara and Lena should have kissed

I do readily admit that there needs to be more female friendships on all the different Arrowverse shows. But the way Kara and Lena’s friendship is written and portrayed, I sometimes believe we are supposed to think “what if”?

What if Kara and Lena kissed? What if they went on a date? And what if they fell in love? And as I go through all the “what ifs” in my head, I can’t help but really want Supercorp to happen.

A Super and a Luthor falling in love? That’s what I want to see, and arguably, what I already have.

But let’s look at the all times Kara and Lena should have sealed it with a kiss…

#1 “I promise”

This is my favorite Supercorp scene. Lena’s afraid, and Kara comforts her and says “I’ll always protect you.” Did I mention that Kara bought her flowers? Iconic.

#2 “Kara Danvers, you’re my hero”

Did I also forget to mention that Lena bought Kara flowers first? So many in fact, that they were overflowing in her office. They are in love! Please, just kiss already.

#3 “You could have fooled me”

I wish they would have kissed right there in front of Clark Kent. However, no one’s that lucky I’m afraid. But the cute way Lena nudges Kara to be a journalist and the adorable face she makes! I love them!

#4 “Dropped something?”

Kara saves Lena, and she’s in her arms, and I think “maybe this is it!” But it isn’t, and they are so frustratingly cute, it’s maddening.

#5 “Professionally crafty”

This isn’t a specific moment per se, more so I think they just should have made-out in front of everyone at this party. They both looked so beautiful it was a perfect time for it.

There are A LOT of moments when I think Kara and Lena should have kissed. But these five stick out in my mind. Come on Supergirl, don’t be cowardly and just have them kiss already!

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Supergirl returns Sunday, January 20 at 8 PM on The CW.


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