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Get festive this holiday season with “Friends”

 Friends always knew how to do holiday episodes, and Christmas/New Years episodes were no different. Meg and I teamed up to give our opinions on the festive episodes, giving them a ranking out of 10. This will get you ready for the holidays, so cheers to a “lousy Christmas and a crappy New Year!”

Season 1: “The One With The Monkey”

Madeline: 5/10 A no-date New Year’s Eve party? Sounds like my kind of party! Just you and your friends — that sounds like fun. However, these friends don’t really know how to do a no-date NYE. To be honest, that’s all I even remember from this episode.

Meg: 6/10 I love how 90’s this episode is. Also, I will never get over the fact that Ross got a monkey. Why was that a thing? WHY?! It’s so weird.

Season 2: “The One With Phoebe’s Dad”

Madeline: 6.5/10 I can’t place which one this is, so brb while I look it up on Wikipedia….Oh, now I remember! Joey and Chandler taking the cheap way out for gift giving, which totally sounds like something I would do. I am notorious for last minute Christmas shopping, so relatable af. Except I don’t think I would buy stuff at a gas station for my friends; that’s where gift cards are a lifesaver.

Meg: 8/10 I love this one! Joey and Chandler giving everyone super cheap gifts from the gas station reminds me of me when I was a kid trying to give thoughtful gifts on my super slim 80’s allowance. I think my favorite is when they give Monica condoms (ribbed for her pleasure) HA! Or how Phoebe is actually excited about her toilet seat covers!

Season 3: “The One Where Rachel Quits”

Madeline: 7.5/10 Phoebe’s care for the Christmas trees is one of the reasons why she’s my favorite. She’s just so weird. This episode wasn’t too Christmasy, but it did have hints of it in it. And isn’t this the one where Monica completely redoes the tree after everyone tries their hand at it?

Meg: 7/10 This one is kinda meh on Christmas content but I actually love it. It showcases Joey and Phoebe’s friendship is a special way. He is working at the tree lot. He helps save the Christmas trees that don’t fulfill their Christmas destiny. So sweet. Also, Ross selling Christmas cookies is great. This is really the start of them letting Ross be kind of crazy and I love it.

 Season 5: “The One With All the New Year’s Resolutions”

Madeline: 9/10 ROSS’S LEATHER PANTS!!! Why did he ever think wearing leather pants on a date was a good idea? Come on, Ross. Anyway, this episode was really fun with each friend trying their hand at New Year’s resolutions. I could SO relate to Rachel’s resolution of trying not to gossip — it’s so dang hard.

Meg: 9/10 OMG, YES! Ross and his leather pants! ICONIC! This is one of the most rewatchable episodes of the series. Everyone has such a solid story in this and it’s all based on the resolutions, which is super fun. Chandler snapping at the end was always my favorite because it sets everyone back to normal. Such a great episode.

Season 6: “The One With The Routine”

Madeline: 10/10 This is really the best holiday episode of Friends by far. Monica and Ross’s dance, I’ll never understand their relationship really, was equal parts cringy and hilarious. I don’t even know what happened with the other characters in this episode because this one stole the show.

Meg: 7/10 THE ROUTINE! The Gellars are so weird. I grew up with an older brother and it always made me scratch my head at Ross and Monica’s relationship because it’s so weird! They are a little too close, but in this episode we are thankful for it. I super don’t care about Joey and his hot dancer girl. This episode is all about the Gellars!

Season 7: “The One With The Holiday Armadillo”

Madeline: 8/10 What an odd episode. Truly odd, but nonetheless, entertaining. It’s episodes such as these that make me remember why Friends is the best: it’s quirky and eccentric and isn’t like other shows. And you can’t beat Christmas with Santa, the Holiday Armadillo and Superman. Goals.

Meg: 9/10 I love Ross. And I am noticing a trend with the holiday episodes here. The best ones all feature Ross being weird. This one is actually super sweet though. He really just wants to teach Ben about his faith, but he does it in the most Ross way possible. Also, Monica’s Santa fetish is super creepy and hilarious!

Season 8: “The One With The Creepy Holiday Card”

Madeline: 9/10 Sending a holiday card with a significant other is a major step in the relationship. For Mona and Ross, it was WAY too soon and just like the episode title suggests, creepy. Although, Ross could have handled it a lot better than giving her his keys and dropping the big ILY. Nevertheless, this episode was typical Friends fashion of laughs.

Meg: 9.5/10 OMG. Ross is the actual best. He is kinda the worst in this episode, but in the best way. Everything about his and Mona’s relationship was super botched and made for some of the best moments in Season 8.

 Season 9: “The One With Christmas in Tulsa”

Madeline: 8.5/10 Major applause for Chandler in this episode. After getting hit on by his co-worker, Chandler knew the only person who he wants to spend Christmas with was Monica. Chandler sometimes annoys me, but him surprising Monica was such husband-goals kind of move.

Meg: 7/10 I love Chandler but I kind of hated the entire Tulsa thing. I agree with Madeline though. I loved that he quit and went home to be with Monica. That was super sweet.

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