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These retro ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘Star Wars’ posters scream nostalgia

We're loving the old-school take on these classic film posters.

Dark Ink Art has release two new poster prints just in time for the holiday season. Lovers of classic sci-fi and adventure films Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back will love this fresh take on a throwback look.

“Shocking Revelations!”, a reimagining of Star Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back


“You Won’t Look Away”, a reimagining of Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark


The artist is JJ Lendl, who is mostly known for his X-Files artwork.

“Shocking Revelations” is the artist’s second Star Wars piece and a follow up to “Galaxy at Stake”, released by Dark Ink in November. He’ll be finishing this series of 1930s retro-style movie posters with a reimagined Return of the Jedi piece.

The original hand-drawn logo typography on both of these (“Shocking Revelations” and “You Won’t Look Away”) is very unique and rare to see for a Lucasfilm-licensed artwork.

You can purchase the limited edition prints, as well as other Star Wars prints, on Dark Int Ark’s website: here for The Empire Strikes Back poster, and here for The Raiders of the Lost Ark poster

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Featured image: Dark Ink Art


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