5 reasons to ship AvaLance from ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

As Beebo would say, we luh-luh-love them!

Hey Gideon, what’s the best show on television right now?

I believe the answer to that, captain, is DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. The time-travelling superhero show has been outdoing itself for two seasons and counting. It is now the most loveable, hilarious, unbelievable work of entertainment for the small screen.

Legends is also now lauded for its character diversity in many aspects, particularly with same-sex relationships. At the forefront is Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe, nicely dubbed ‘Avalance’. The pair met at the beginning of season 3 last year and became a couple about halfway through. In the one season (give or take) they have been together, Sara and Ava were allowed sexy moments, intimate moments, domestic moments, breakups and makeups, you name it.

Legends of Tomorrow is on hiatus until (*cries*) April 2019. In the meantime, if you’re not on board the Avalance ship, here are 5 reasons to join:

1. Enemies to friends to lovers

When these two first met, Ava’s job was to arrest the Legends. The two ladies frequently traded fists for the first half of last season. However, they eventually realised they had a common enemy, worked better with rather than against each other, and maybe had a thing for the other.

legends of tomorrow avalance

2. They recognise each other as equals

Even while there was still animosity between them, Sara and Ava were both willing to admit that the other was an equally skilled fighter.

legends of tomorrow avalance

3. Everyone ships them

and it’s hilarious.

legends of tomorrow gary

I mean, one time Blackbeard’s pirates saw them kissing and said “We claim this ship.” Even pirates are on board.

legends of tomorrow avalance

4. They try to know each other’s friends

This is easier for Sara, since Gary is more than content to tag along with the Legends. Not that Ava would call Gary her friend, but he was probably her closest acquaintance at the Time Bureau.

Ava’s instinct is to be cold and distant, plus the Legends were once criminals to her. However this season has seen her become coworkers with Nate (and they make a good team) and find common ground with the abrasive Mick Rory. Ava wasn’t jazzed about the latter, but she stuck it out for Sara.

dc legends of tomorrow ava sharpe nate heywood
image: the CW

5. They kick ass together

Speaks for itself.

legends of tomorrow avalance

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(featured image: the CW)


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