Hallmark Christmas Movie Review: ‘Christmas Joy’

This movie will bring literal 'Christmas Joy' in to your lives!

There’s nothing more exciting about Christmas than when Hallmark release 36(!!) Christmas Movies through the entirety of November and December, up until the New Year.

If you’re anything like me, I absolutely love a cheesy movie where you can get all cozy up in bed, wrapped up in a bunch of blankets, hot chocolate in hand. They also keep up my high expectations of dreaming daily about meeting a stubborn man who hates Christmas, in order to show him the true spirit of what Christmas is all about, whilst falling in love with him in the process.

When will these ‘Christmas miracles’ happen for real!?

Today, to kick-start my Hallmark Christmas Movie reviews, I will be reviewing the heart-warming and lovely movie, ‘Christmas Joy‘ – featuring The Flash‘s finest, Danielle Panabaker and her co-star, Matt Long.

Premiere Date: November 3rd, 2018. 

Christmas Joy movie synopsis recap

Joy Holbrook is a very hard working and independent woman who is very work-based, until an unexpected family injury brings her home and she has to put her family and hometown, Crystal Falls, first. Whilst her family member is making a speedy recovery, Joy steps in to compete in the ‘Cookie Crawl’ – having no idea on what she has gotten herself in to, with only a short space of time left. Joy is reunited with an old friend of hers, Ben and tries to prove to him that she has got what it takes to win this competition without his help.

Final thoughts

Christmas Joy is such a light-hearted and warm Christmassy movie that we all need in our lives. It shows us the true magic of our hometowns and that there truly is no place like home. Joy is a stubborn but outgoing woman who will do whatever she can to make the people around her happy and this Cookie Crawl really showed her determination.

I for sure wouldn’t have been able to keep up and make as many cookies as she did, whilst also decorating her home AND judging a gingerbread competition. It was pretty stressful watching her try to manage all of these within only a few days of each other!

Ben is a home-bird and you can tell that just with the way he speaks about Crystal Falls. He is a beloved Doctor in the community and has contributed to the Cookie Crawl and Gingerbread competition for many years – meaning his knowledge on what’s the best and what’s going to help them win is most certainly needed, except Joy will have none of it.

Joy and Ben are very different characters, with very different backgrounds, yet somehow they connect like they was meant to be all along. Opposites attract though, right? Whether they was supposed to work or not – Danielle and Matt’s chemistry throughout the movie was so charming, that you couldn’t possibly not love Joy and Ben as a couple.

Matt helped Joy to see that you didn’t need the fancy life-style and the biggest work promotion – mostly because he could never fit in to that world – but also because he knew that she could have everything she wanted right there in Crystal Falls, and piece by piece, Joy’s life came together where she could focus on her loved ones more and also be doing something she loved.

The whole movie just made me want to get baking all the Christmas cookies I could, decorate my home top to bottom with all the Christmas decorations and be surrounded by all of my loved ones.

Hallmark Channel

Have you made a start on the Hallmark Christmas Movies of 2018?

Let us know what you’re favorite ones are so far in the comments below and keep a look out for which movie I review next!


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