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‘Once Upon a Time’ episodes for the Emma Swan fan in your life

Is there an Emma Swan episode that is your go-to? You know, the one that you associate as the Emma Swan episode of Once Upon a Time. Well, if you don’t, you’re not a true fan. Just kidding (or am I?)! Look no further because I have handpicked the episodes you should binge watch if you’re one of those fans with a poster of Emma above your bed. We’ve all been there. I had a Captain Swan poster above my dorm bed.

“The Final Battle” 6×21-22


Emma Swan is just a bad a**. That’s all I have to say about this.

“The Song in Your Heart” 6×20


Any Emma fan would love to relive the moment Emma Swan got her happy ending (temporarily). Throughout the series, we fans saw Emma struggle with loving anybody. So, to see her love enough to marry someone, that was everything fans probably wanted for the Savior.

Also, Emma showed various moments of bravery in this episode — all to save her family from the Black Fairy. She found the song in her heart, realizing she was never alone, and that she could defeat the Black Fairy. Emma wasn’t going down without a fight. Bam.

Despite the turmoil, Emma experienced within this episode, to see her truly happy at the end was amazing. We got to see Emma marry her true love and put her fear and worries behind her.

“Tallahassee” 2×06


Even though Neal is all kinds of terrible, I liked seeing how Neal and Emma met and stuff. It was interesting to see that form of Emma as opposed to the one we met when the show first began. The episode really shows the progression of Emma’s character, and for any Emma fan, that’s tremendous.

This is also the perfect Emma episode because she had all the sass when it came to Hook. We also saw Emma act selflessly by risking her life to climb a beanstalk with a man she didn’t trust. At all. This episode proved that Emma was a hero and would do anything for the ones she loved.

“Firebird” 5×20


This episode is literally SO RUDE, but this is an Emma backstory episode. I think that the series lacked in the amount of Emma flashbacks, as I would have loved to see more about certain aspects about Emma. I especially would’ve loved to see her life after prison and before arriving in Storybrooke.

“Firebird” was a little bit of that, showing how Emma got her start in bail bonds. And how can we forget this was the origin story of the red leather jacket? Her jacket literally had its own episode — amazing. In this episode, we saw Emma break down her walls twice: for Cleo and for Killian.

I LOVED this episode because Emma finally knew she had true love in her life with Killian. Seriously, the Underworld test confirmed it for them. Your OTP could never.

Honorable mentions: “The Dark Swan” and “Pilot.”

Now, brb as I go rewatch these episodes for nostalgia sake. Fire up your DVD player or snuggle in blankets to Netflix to watch. What are your go-to Emma Swan episodes? Sound off below or tweet us!

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