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‘Black Lightning’ 2×09: Top 3 moments from “Gift of the Magi”

Another day, another meta!

Black Lightning 2×09 recap: Season 2, Episode 9, “The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Two: Gift of the Magi”, Aired Dec. 11, 2018

Black Lightning’s last episode of the year has aired ! *cries*

What will we do without our weekly dose of Black Lightning? I’m not sure either …

How about we breakdown the top 3 moments from the mid-season finale. Shall we?

#1 Jen saving Khalil’s life

Jen and Khalil are still on the run, but this time, things are much worse. After Cutter cut Khalil with one of her poisoned blades, Khalil is slowly dying from what I believe to be sepsis. He has a serious infection, burning up, and loosing consciousness. Jen doesn’t know what else to do, but risk being sighted, in order to steal antibiotics to try save Khalil’s life.

Jen rushes off to a near-by hospital, and steals drugs using her powers. She manages to short-circuit a computer-controlled pharmaceutical machine that holds many types of drugs. As Jennifer tries to sneak out, she nearly runs into her dad and Anissa, who are currently trying to find her. She manages to sneak away without them seeing, but unlucky for her, Cutter sees her and follows Jen.

Since Jen didn’t know at first she was being followed, she leads Cutter right to where she wants to be. Later, Cutter phones Tobias and updates him on their location, but Tobias is adamant that Khalil is brought back alive. Hmm, it seems like maybe Tobias cares about Khalil? Or he is just too useful that he can’t bare to loose him? Cutter complies with Tobias’s request and doesn’t harm Khalil. This time around, it’s Cutter who is hurt.

Jennifer quickly realizes that they are being watched and tricks Cutter into entering into their hideaway, so she can shock her a little before tying her up. Once Cutter is took down and tied up, Jen demands she cures Khalil before he ultimately dies. Smartly Jen knows she must have an antidote incase she cuts herself by accident. So, Jen cuts Cutter with one of her own blades, in a way to force her into giving them the antidote. Cutter gives in and hands over the antidote, and finally Khalil is on the mends – yay! They rush off and leave Cutter in the barn.

Jefferson and Anissa don’t have much luck with finding Jen, as they keep just missing her. They track them to the barn (no Cutter in sight), but they see the left over rope used to tie someone up. Both, Jefferson, Anissa, and Gambi fear the worst for Jen, even thinking she may be dead. Ugh, can Jennifer just call them again and say she is fine?? Can’t she just go home already? I’m tired of the Pierce family being torn apart! I especially can’t bare to watch poor Lynn have another breakdown. #BringHomeJen! Who’s with me?

#2 Tobias offering a young African-American a job after he looses his research grant

Todd Greene is a young African-American, who is full of potential and trying to succeed in his chosen field. However, we sadly see him being turned down for a research grant, seemingly only because he isn’t a rich, white kid. Todd angrily calls out the committee on their BS, and knows they only gave the other candidate the grant because their rich father donated a new research wing to the center. UGHHHH!

Greene is escorted out by security, but once he reaches his car, he finds an invite left from Tobias Whale. OMG, what does Tobias want from Greene? Todd goes along with the invite and turns up to Tobias’ club later that evening. Some how, Tobias knows that Todd was passed over on the research grant, and wants to offer him a job instead. Todd isn’t feeling it at first and turns him down. However, after Tobias transfers $100,000 into Todd’s bank account, he soon changes his mind.

Tobias knows EXACTLY what a person needs in order to get them on his side. I just can’t work out what Tobias’ plan is with Todd. I’m thinking Todd must have knowledge/skills that Tobias needs, and he will use him to get closer to his end goal.

#3 Introduction to another new meta

A new meta, who seems to be some sort of an assassin, is introduced in the last scenes of the episode. What makes it even more intriguing is when the man answers a phone call, saying “it’s done”, and being told he’s going to Freeland next. OMG! Why is he being sent to Freeland? Who is his next target? And, who the heck is on the other side of the phone? So many questions I need answered!! Ahh! What are your predictions?

Side note: How HOT was Anissa on that motorbike that Gambi got her?

Girl, you look badass!

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Black Lightning returns on Monday, January 21, 2019 at 9/8c on The CW.

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