‘Titans’ season finale trailer breakdown

The coming of Dick Grayson

Titans exploded into our screens this year, the first in a promising lineup of original programming for new streaming service DC Universe. A gritty, dark take on the classic Teen Titans comics, the show has served up ten weeks of fantastic, gripping content. Now, its closing act looks poised as one to talk about through the holiday TV hiatus.

The season finale is titled “Dick Grayson”, after the character we started with. From the beginning, Dick has had a tumultuous journey with himself, so it is expected he would face up to where his problems started. The synopsis says “Dick takes a dark journey back to Gotham in the finale.” Question is, is it really Gotham he is returning to, and what will he find there?

What’s happened to Jason??!!

Right off the bat we see Jason Todd is a wheelchair. WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!!?! Jason’s history in the comics is rough, so I don’t want to imagine what a show as dark as Titans might put him through.

titans jason todd

Dark Knight gone rogue

Dick is living a surprisingly casual – considering the end of this week’s episode – suburban life with Dawn when Jason shows up. Jason tells him Batman has decided to kill the criminals of Gotham City. Upon return to Gotham, Dick finds a “massacre” of several iconic bat villains.

Prepare to scream, because the trailer gives us glimpses of Two Face and (!!!) the Joker.

titans finale

titans finale

It seems like all of Dick’s issues with Bruce are coming true. Dick actually finds and confronts Batman. I kid you not, Batman in the flesh!

titans finale

He sends armed forces to storm Wayne Manor, possibly blow it up. I cannot get over the haunted way Brenton Thwaites delivers the line, “Bruce, it’s Dick. We’re coming after you.”

Forget Batman vs Superman, Robin vs Batman is going to be the fight to talk about.

Is it all in his head?

However, we also see Trigon stoking Dick’s resentment of Bruce, so this may all be an illusion.

If Trigon wants to hurt Rachel via Dick, why not just kill him? Why all this elaborate plot? What does Trigon need with Dick?

Titans season 1 finale drops on 21 December 2018. Ellen Ng (twitter @ellenlakeHg) is the Pure Fandom contributor for Titans. Find her recaps and reviews of previous episodes here.

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