‘TITANS’ recap: 1×10 “Koriand’r”

Kori's past and Rachel's destiny come to headways

Titans episode 10, “Koriand’r”, started streaming on 14 December 2018.

For such an explosive show, Titans was a little slow-paced this week. It still felt moody and on edge, but the climax of the episode was not what I thought it would be.

Perhaps setting plays a part, since the team spent it out in the rural countryside. Life moves more slowly there, surely.

Tracing Starfire’s roots

We pick up where we left off last week, with Kori choking Rachel half-unconscious. Rachel has a vision of Dawn’s ward and Hank, and calls out to both of them in their memories as the vision fills with fire. In real life, Kori’s hands have ignited, burning Rachel’s neck.

Kori is finally taken down by Donna, who wields her lasso. Angela kicks Kori out of the house, and Kori seems too perplexed to care about her eviction. She drives off to an abandoned industrial-looking plant with Dick and Donna on her heels.

At the plant, Kori finds her spaceship (!!!) and her memories come flooding back. She tells Dick and Donna about her home planet Tamaran. The women find and translate a book describing the destruction of Tamaran at the hands of Trigon, who enters this dimension through his daughter – Rachel. Donna points out the images depict a third figure, Rachel’s mother. Dick curses at the implication – that Angela has been playing them all this time.

Haunted House

Back at Angela’s house, Gar starts feeling unwell. He hallucinates a reflection of himself with blood dripping from his lips, then the handler he mauled at the asylum. Rachel thinks that she is slowly infecting the Titans, but everyone waylays her concerns.

Of course, it’s Angela who poisoned Gar. He eventually collapses in the bathroom with blood spewing from his mouth. Angela calls Rachel to heal him. When that doesn’t work, Angela “suggests” calling Rachel’s father as a last resort.

Here’s where I am disappointed. Given all the buildup and the epicness of the source material, the summoning of Trigon was really anti-climatic. It started out decent, if a little bit typical. The light were flickering, Rachel went into demon mode, and for a moment it seemed Trigon would pull her into the swirling black mass in the mirror instead of her pulling him out, but then he just walked out casually and…okay.

The beginning of the end

Trigon heals Gar and Rachel embraces him. Since hugs are established as a Rachel and Dick thing, I sense a dad showdown coming.

Sure enough, Dick, Donna and a newly-dressed Kori rush towards the house…which isn’t there anymore? Dick makes a run for it and passes through the forcefield that is shielding the house, but the women cannot pass.

Inside the house, Trigon says that Rachel’s heart has to be broken for them to destroy the world, implying harm to Dick and Gar.

Titans let me down for the first time, but I suppose there has to be a first for everything. Besides, the trailer for the finale is wild, as the show promises to close its debut season with a bang.

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